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for 12v vehicles that NEED to be upgraded to 18v
I'm not familiar with the vehicle but if memory serves, isn't Best Choice the one everyone is frying the circuit board in by increasing voltage and then wondering why it doesn't work?

Personal opinion - any product named 'Best Choice' is rarely the best choice.
Go to the frequently asked questions and read on the common wiring diagrams. I've rewired all of a vehicle doing away with a controller board and using 12ga wire to handle the current, replacing switches and then you can upgrade from there. Do away with the circuit boards is the easiest thing to do, once their gone.
JKColorado wrote:I ended up frying my circuit board trying to add another battery.
The company is refunding me for the whole thing since they don't have any parts.

What can I do to get it up and running again?
Have you found a solution yet? If you did, please share. I fried mine too. But I haven’t come across an actual solution yet. Thanks.
You will probably have blown this: ... 4c4dCBpmL7

If you open it up, most probably you have blown a capacitor, the 220uf 35v one, if your handy with a soldering iron you can replace this capacitor and it should be fine.

Not this info is based on a Ford Ranger 12v, but looking at the best choice cars they look like they are the same Chinese ones. Although might be a different control box.

If you want to increase to 18v you will need to remove the control box or search on here and you will find the wiring diagram to bypass the control box with 2 relays which will allow you to increase the voltage. I'm currently building a harness to do this myself.

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