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Electronic Scooter Controllers have become a popular addition to our vehicles. Ask specific questions about ESCs here!

***WARNING*** this section is for ADVANCED MODDERS. if you try anything in this section you NEED to expect minor issues with the build up to and including complete FAILURE of EVERYTHING in your freshly built BPRO.

Have fun ;-) :-)
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By hyoan
I'm new to the forum and have been looking into an ESC. Sorry if this is a stupid question in advance.
Can I just use an ESC from an R/C car, connected to the battery, and gas pedal to control the throttle in my son's jeep? Or are there more steps involved? I don't want full RC, just throttle control.
Can I wire it up like this and attach the red, black and yellow wires to the gas pedal? ... iring6.jpg
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By hyoan
I never received an answer but I don't think my suggestion is possible. Probably has to do with voltage and the pedal. I ended up buying the plug and play kit from East Coast Power up.
By Sedzy
It can be done, but not a simple swap.

A few things need to be considered.
1. Voltage. Your RC gear probably runs at 7.2V not 12V.
2. The ESC will probably be for a BRUSHLESS motor. Your Jeep will have a BRUSHED motor.
3. The ESC uses what is called RC PPM for throttle input. Foot throttles supply a linear voltage.

You'd be better off buying a PWM driver, a foot throttle and using that instead.
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By A_J_K77
Is Possible up to 18V for a resemble price,
I did it whit the car for my kids.
I used a cheap Chinese ESC (320A up to 16 V but it can handle a full charged 18 V battery!!!)
A cheap Chinese Hal sensor foot throttle connected to a cheap Chinese Arduino clone
whit a switch for forward and backward.
the Arduino make from a analog signal a RC signal.

I use also a transmitter / receiver for Remote control, on the 3rd Ch.
I connected a reed relay to switch from local to remote.

It cost abound $ 30 or so

for more info and the arduino code just contact me

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