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Need new batteries? Going from 12V to 18V or 6V to 12V? Wiring Questions?
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By wired
Only shorts when you press the pedal still? Can you post some clear pics of your wiring? I'd like to help but very hard to do without more info.
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By chart2006

I responded to your message but I wanted to try and make it a bit clearer so I wrote down exactly where each wire goes. As mentioned in my message you'll want to determine which way the switches are facing so check for continuity or a short between the terminals. If you're looking directly at the terminals on the shifter the terminals/switches should be in the below layout where the (U) is the upper switch and the (L) is the lower switch - rotate the above image clockwise 90 degrees in your head. I've included a layout for the pedal as well. The dashes (-) denote shorted terminals so make sure you check the switches. The shorted terminals on the pedal are usually the two terminal nearest to each other. Also just remember to test the motors with the shifter positioning to ensure the motor polarity is correct. Also remember the polarity of the right motor is opposite of the polarity for the left motor.

U1 - U2 U3
U4 - U5 U6

L1 - L2 L3
L4 - L5 L6

P1 - P2 P3

1. U1 <--> U4
2. U2 <--> Motor 2
3. U3 <--> L1 & Motor 1
4. U5 <--> Motor 1
5. U6 <--> L4 & Motor 2
6. L1 <--> L6
7. L2 <--> P2
8. L3 <--> L4
9 L5 <--> P3 (optional resistor) & battery
10. P1 <--> battery w/ inline fuse


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