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Need new motors? Grind a gearbox? Adding teeth to a pinion?
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By rinowish
With questions every day being asked which motors to use for replacements, I was thinking we can gather some info on the various motors being used and make a sticky with their stats. Certain stats like RPM are displayed in RPM per volt, or RPM under nominal voltage, personally, i like to see both. And torque can be shown in an a multitude of measurements, we should try and stick with one (mN-m seems to be the most common) and if you find one that is not in (nM-n), this is a great converter that i have found for any measurement. And then maybe follow it up with some comments or a link to a review (or both). Definately, include a link to where it is availalble, it does us no good if it is not availalbe.

RPM: @__v
Torque: (mN-m)

This way, i'm thinking we can get a mini database of motors we've tried and have worked that people can come to and make an educated disicion. For motors which do not have stats posted only, then we should come up with another way to compare... Video of stock speed vs. video of upgrade speed in the form of GPS tool etc.

So here are a few example of some 700 series motors I have found (but not tried personally) through all of my searching
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***700 Series Motors***

Stock Gaucho Grande Motors (for comparison purposes only, these motors or no longer availalble)
Manufacurer: Mabuchi
Model: RS-775SF
Voltage: 12v
RPM/v: 1625
RPM: 19,500 @12v
Torque: unknown, esitmated around 800-850 (mN-m)
Price: No longer Available
Comments: Found these stats from various posts (by Grant) on the older boards, and various other online searches.

Banebot 775 motors
Manufacturer: Mabuchi
Model: RS775WC-8514
Voltage: 18v
RPM/v: 1083
RPM: 19,500 @18v
Torque: 1175 (mN-m)
Price: $17.50
Comments: These have been called "Torque Monsters" on more than one occasion. A little slower than stock, but with approximately 150% more torque than stock Peg Perego motors, they may run near stock speeds due to less bogging down in heavier terrain. Read more about them here, and here.

Dewalt 18v Drill Motor (old style)
Manufacturer: Dewalt
Model: 393111-01
Voltage: 18v
RPM/v: 1111
RPM: 20,000 @18v
Torque: 2118 (mN-m)
Price: $36.95
Comments: Similar in speed to the Banebots (marginally faster) but still slower than stock. 250% more torque than stock Peg Perego motors, but at twice the cost of the Banebot 775's. Read more about them here, and here.

Manufacturer: Nichibo
Model: 775-9009F
Voltage: 12v
RPM/v: 1750
RPM: 21000 @12v
Torque: 806.37 (mN-m)
Price: $50.00
Comments: Torque is around that of the stock Peg Perego motors, but they were built for speed. Faster than stock @12v and operating range is 12v-24v so they were made for this kind of stuff. You can see them in more detail here (page 53). Sadly, they are not the cheapest motors out there, and the supplier I found is in Sweden.

Manufacturer: Johnson Electric
Model: HC785LP
Voltage: 18
RPM/v: 1164
RPM: 20,950 @18v
Torque: 1175 (mN-m)
Price: $38.06
Comments: Same exact torque, but slightly faster than the Banebots. Kind of pricy.

***500 Series Motors***

Stock 12v Power Wheels Motors (for comparison purposes only)
Manufacurer: Unavalable
Model: Unavalable
Voltage: 12v
RPM/v: 1333 - 1458
RPM: 16,000 - 17,500 @12v
Torque: unknown, esitmated around 400-450 (mN-m)
Price: N/A
Comments: These are Generic stats pulled from various posts.

Manufacturer: Mabuchi
Model: M5-RS550-12
Voltage: 12v
RPM/v: 1608
RPM: 19,300 @12v
Torque: 486 (mN-m)
Price: $7.25
Comments: Faster motors with a bit more torque. "madmaxdecals" is trying to test these and compare to some other motors. Awating results.

Manufacturer: Duratrax
Model: 0-DTXP5737
Voltage: 12v
RPM/v: 2000
RPM: 24,000 @12v
Torque: 647.19 (mN-m)
Price: $8.99
Comments: One of the fastest motors I have found. At 12v its RPM is as fast (or faster) than stock motors at 18v, and it has a decent ammount of more torque. But as with any motor, over volt it at your own risk - Divinir posted here that they do not hold up to 18v well. Suggested as a 6v or 12v only "Super6" replacement.

Manufacturer: Nichibo
Model: NC3SFN-7522
Voltage: 12v
RPM/v: 1625
RPM: 19500 @12v
Torque: 451.27 (mN-m)
Price: $42.50
Comments: Torque is around that of the stock motors, but faster than stock @12v. You can see them in more detail here (page 47).They are not cheap motors, and the supplier I found is in Sweden.
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By okiedrake
I think it's a good idea. I recall the motor 101 thread having some stats but this would still be nice.

I'm currently running some Titan 21 turn 550's and finding specs is difficult. I know these motors are commonly used, perhaps some others can chime in.

Manufacturer: Traxxas
Model: 3975
Voltage: 14.4
RPM: @__v
Torque: (mN-m)
Price: $20
Speed with these at 12v appears to be comparable to stock at 18v, but they do seem to lag a bit (comparatively) under load. At 18v the speed increase over stock motors at 18v is quite noticeable. (Arctic Cat 7R 17t (switched to 16t pinion gear due to aftermarket motor usage. Also added fans and awaiting heat sinks......long term reliability remains to be seen)
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By okiedrake
From an RC forum:

The HPI 550's (Johnson st550) are 14.4v - 16.8v, approx 33,500rpm
The Traxxas Titan 550's are 14.4v - 16.8v, approx 31,500rpm
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By taz11
crickets :lol: :lol:

good info...I'll do something with it (sticky/FAQ,/something).......keep reminding me...until I get it done.
By summbear48
so if someone had a propeller tachometer they could test an hpi, at least with 12v and 18v in terms of rpms...

kinda like this ? skip to like 11:05
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By ms1120
Mabuchi RS-550VC-7525 (this is a factory BPRO motor as well)
Operating Range 6.0V-14.4V
12V Constant
No Load
Current 1.20A

Max Efficiency
Current- 10.1A
mN-m- 58.3
g-cm- 594
Output- 95.9W

mN-m- 549
g-cm- 5596
Current- 85.0A

This motor is listed under Johnson Electric's catalog as being for a 12v BPRO.
Johnson #HC683LG-001
RPM 12volt (no Load) 15694
Current (no Load) 1.18A
Stall Torque.......400.13 mN-m
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By daveweber34
I finally broke down and bought one of those digital tachometers for measuring propeller speed. With it, you can check the speed of a DC motor. Let the testing begin.....
100_8211.JPG (369.87 KiB) Viewed 25742 times
Tonight, I checked four motors at both 6v and 12v:

I have more of the Grande motors to test, but this was the only one for tonight. It was a lot slower than the advertised specs say. Sounded normal (unlike one of the PW motors....)
Gaucho Grande 700 series (has the pentagon driver)
6.16v = 7,200 rpm
12.70v = 15,800 rpm
Speed = ~1,200K/v

This one was way faster than PW specs say!
Stock 12v 500 series PW #1
6.21v = 9,3000 rpm
12.73v = 19,800 rpm
Speed = ~1,500K/v

Stock 12v 500 series PW #2
6.22v = 7,700 rpm
12.78 = 16,400 rpm
Speed = ~1,250K/v

This one was really no good. It sounded like there was gravel in it. I never even tested it at 6v.
Stock 12v 500 series PW #3
12.76v = 16,300 rpm
Speed = ~1,250K/v

When is this one going to be made a FAQ sticky? It is the best motor data spec list this place has that I know of.
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By daveweber34
I had the opportunity to test another one today.

Dewalt 18v drill motor (old style, Model: 393111-01)
6.09v = 7,350 rpm
12.59v = 16500 rpm
Speed = ~1,250K/v

A note regarding safety: Always wear you safety glasses. Kind of like this guy: :geek: When you fire up the motor at 12v at 16,000+ rpm, if the adhesive holding on the index card lets loose (it will eventually), that blasted piece of paper flies so fast and hard it feels like a blade hitting you. I have no doubt that at the correct angle, it could slice open skin like butter. The first time one of the cards let loose, it made me think my arm was going to come off like it was Oddjob's hat that hit me. :o Other times it would fly clean across my 24ft garage like a throwing star. I swear this is a dangerous job and I'm taking all of the risks just for everyone here. :D

Somewhere up above in the thread a person recommended testing a motor out at 18v. NO THANKS!!!! 6v and 12v testing is enough to extrapolate speed out to higher voltages.
By NiToNi
Manufacturer: LRP electronic GmbH
Model: Monster Truck Special
Art no: 57900
Size: 650 (same can diameter and C2C mounting hole setup as 550)
Voltage: 14.4V
Power: 404W
RPM/v: 2,850
RPM: 41,000 @ 14.4V
Torque: n/a
Turns: n/a (but recommended speedo should be >12T)
Timing range: +/- 5° degrees
Price: $40
Comments: Adjustable timing, rebuildable, WET magnet, double ballraced, replaceable motor brushes and springs

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By daveweber34
That's an interesting motor. I have a feeling it won't over-volt well though. At that high of an rpm already for 14.4v, I have a feeling the brushes would generate too much heat at higher volts and rpms.
By NiToNi
No you are probably right but as stock 550 replacement in a 12V setup it could be very interesting. The question is of course if it has too few turns for use in a PW, sacrificing torque for that impressive RPM speed. Ultimately, it would have to perform better than say the HPI GT 550 @12V, especially to justify its premium price. However I guess a 14-15T 650 motor would be just as torquey as a 17T 550 motor like the HPI 1145.

Is there any way torque could be derived or even guesstimated from voltage, watts, RPM and physical engine size? If using the equation here, the torque works out to:

(404/746) / 41,000 x 63,025 = 0.832476 lb-ft = 160 oz-in or 1,120 mN-m.
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By daveweber34
I picked up some of those 12v Duratrax motors to install for a neighbor so I've had a chance to test them. They are pretty much what the spec said.

Manufacturer: Duratrax Model: 0-DTXP5737
6.3v = 12,100 rpm
(I'm not testing this at 12v......too fast if the paper flies off.... a la Oddjob's hat)
Speed = ~1,900 rpm/v
Re: Peg Perego 24V Motor SAGI9987-motor specs
Unread postby kysunmans » Thu Jun 20, 2013 1:19 pm

I talked to the engineers at peg perego this morning and this is what they came up with: Johnson Electric 24 volt: winding: 0.55-23.0
at a constant of 24 volts: NO LOAD---- Speed- 16,140rpm, Current- 0.963amps
STALL---- Torque-834.886mNm, Current- 63.543amps
MAX EFFICIENCY-- Effic-73.38%, Torque-91.527mNm, Speed-14371rpm, Current-7.824amp, Output-137.794 watts
MAX POWER----- Torque-417.443mNm, Speed-8070rpm, Current- 32.253amps, Output-352.918 watts
By russman
So just contemplating all this. Does the following look right based on motor specs and voltage handling?

Stock Motor
Volt 12 18
Torque 425 637.5
RPM 16750 25125
RPM/V 1395.83 1395.83
Top Speed 5 7.5

Banebot 775
Volt 18 24
Torque 1083 1444
RPM 19500 26000
RPM/V 1175 1175
Top Speed 4.21 5.61

Nichibo 775-9009F
Volt 12 18 24 30 36
Torque 806.37 1209 1612 2015 2419
RPM 21000 31500 42000 52500 63000
RPM/V 1750 1750 1750 1750 1750
Top Speed 6.27 9.40 12.54 15.67 18.81
By adamrx7
My sons motor next to a 775 and stock motor :D
12187788_10153505251778891_4851035475321281953_n.jpg (46.71 KiB) Viewed 21001 times
By wirewalker25
has anyone checked out anything that's newer on the market? I would have to think that there is some iteration of motor that is suited for 24v use that is fast and has torque over stock.
By Suburbancharlie77
Wow, this was some seriously deep digging! Good find wirewalker
Some good info here.
I can't provide any input, but have every intention of returning to the thread when it comes time to order a motor! Right now I have a few spares, and am sticking with stock till need be.
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By Swervepf
Would these duratrax DTXP5701 motors work in my old metal framed jeep?

Not sure how these compare to the 5737 model mentioned above but I'd like to avoid a rewire if I can. ... ref=plSrch

after some more reading, it seems my old metal framed jeep uses 700 series motors?
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By Hammer-fm
Hi guys,

Thought I'd pass along this gem for people looking for a low-budget upgrade. Jameco has a Nichibo 775-7013F for $2.95:

Jameco Page for 775-7013F

Jameco includes a datasheet and based on my basic testing it seems to be pretty accurate. This motor provides 33% more torque than the stock Johnson motors (533mNm vs. 400) with only 10% more current, and runs the same speed (15.5k RPM). This means less stress on the wiring than a lot of the aftermarket "speed tuned" motors. Compared to the popular Mabuchi 8514 (Banebots 18v), the current draw is going to be a lot friendlier.

It's about 40% heavier than the stock motor (352g vs. 249g) and is equipped with an internal cooling fan; it should handle overvolting a bit better than the factory (or really any) 550-series motors. It also has a longer shaft than the Mabuchi motors, but the hub diameter and bolt circle is the same (should be drop-in compatible).

To really make effective use of it you need to change the gearing. With a 22-tooth pinion and appropriate gearbox it should provide roughly the same final output torque as a stock 16T gearbox but at a 35% speed premium at the same voltage. Running it in something like a Corvette may make less sense as the added torque isn't likely to be useful and you won't get any speed improvement (you do still get the thermal advantages).

This could be a good pick for people that are using stock wiring but are running on something like a Hurricane or F150 (<18T counts) and have access to other gearboxes. Buying an empty 21-23T gearbox, this motor, and 22T 5mm 32p pinion would likely run $20/side as long as you have the ability to fabricate your own positioning sleeve (1/2" PVC pipe can be drilled out to do this). I used mine for a different experiment but that's for another post...

Imagestock weight by Hammer-D, on FlickrImagenichibo weight by Hammer-D, on Flickr
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By Hammer-fm
Another $3 Jameco motor for people that would like to be able to use "stock-sized" motors. This is a 21-turn Nichibo 550 motor:
Jameco page for Nichibo 8021F

They have a full datasheet available. Quick Specs compared to the Johnson HC683 (likely the stock motor for most FP power wheels):
Manufacturer: Nichibo
Model: KC3SFN-8021F
Voltage: 12V
RPM/V: 1920
No-load RPM: 23000 (+45% vs stock)
Stall current: 86 A (+40% vs. stock)
Stall torque: 4.4 Kg*cm (~0.43N*m) (+8% vs stock)
Max power: 256 W

I'm using two of these in a 23T gearbox on a Princess Mustang and it's dead even against a Jeep Hurricane w/16T gearbox running a Banebots (Mabuchi 8514) @ 22V. Modeling says it should be running 8.2mph.

I originally swapped the Mustang box (19T/stock motor) with a stock Corvette box, which had a 23T and a different "7021" motor. That improved the speed about 40% but was noticeably slower off the line (when not spinning the tires). Then I swapped the motors out for these, and it definitely has more torque and a bit more speed (~15%) than the Corvette motors. I haven't had any problems tripping the circuit breaker. I wouldn't recommend running 18V (that's 35000 RPM!).

It's not a monster-torque 7-series motor, but sometimes you want more speed without going to 18V, buying shims, etc, and you can do a conversion for $10.

Biggest caveat is that the motors have round shafts -- no embossing or flats,. I pulled the 23T pinions off the stock motors and installed on here with some red loctite after roughing up the shaft and so far as good. If you're using aftermarket pinions then you just need to file/grind a flat on the shaft.

Also, ebay link ($4 shipping means you're pay a net of $10 for two).
Ebay link for 8021F motor
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By Wierd
Great stuff there hammer! That's a tremendous savings and a bit of a bonus at that too! Thanks for the detailed specs and the recommendation!
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By anemsguy
Still trying to figure out how to read specs but if im understanding correctly than these are no good and not even an upgrade to my sons kfx ninja?

1pc K870 Super Speed Blue Shell 550 DC MOTOR with Fan High Torque Ferromagnetic Model Car Ship Power Motor DIY Technology Making to clipboard
(from AliExpress Android)
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By Hammer-fm
Those are a definite downgrade from stock Power-Wheels 12V motors. The main problem is that the maximum (stall) torque is less than half that of the original motors (~180mN*m vs. 400mN*m stock). Although the RPM is higher (19000), they will run the vehicle slightly faster only under the most ideal conditions. Acceleration will be much worse as they only output half the torque, and if you put any load on it -- uphill, through grass, etc., they'll likely stall (and then smoke, since at stall they'd still be burning 300+ watts each in heat). They don't have any flux ring (a common way to improve torque on these motors, at some additional cost).

I'm glad they at least posted a spec curve and it seems to be genuine.

MHO, there's no reason to buy those if you can buy the KC3SN motors I listed in the earlier post which are 1/4 the cost and 2x the performance. They have similar torque to stock (>400 mNm) and run 23000 RPM -- so 50% faster than stock. Unless you're outside the US...
By jhonster
So. I’ve got a 2 year old F150 Power wheels truck w/the 7R gearboxes. Just fried a 12v motor running 24v with no ESC controller.Initially, I bought It was a used powerwheel. One of the gearboxes fried too because the 1st gear ran out of grease & melted the plastic. I got some brand new new gearboxes & Id like to put some 775 motors in it. My son runs it on short grass & asphalt mostly. Which 24v motors would be a good fit & where can I get 16t pinions for the motors? I’m assuming they need to be 5mm 32p pinion gears. Was just going to use Bosch 5 pin relays to run the motors to take the motor load off the switches (gas pedal & shifter) as those seem to be the weak link contacts in the system. Any suggestions & links? Thanks in advance for your help.

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