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I have something you MIGHT want. Do you want to buy?
By wiggy353
I haven't been on this site in quite some time. I also haven't done anything with our power wheels for a long time. The kids are growing up and not as interested.

Sooooo…. I am clearing out the garage. I only have 2 complete power wheels. One is an eliminator and one is a ninja 4 wheeler. Before I do any CL postings or anything local, I thought I would see if any of you would like a particular part. If you can think of anything you need from these two models, let me know.

I also have some other spare parts that are in a box. I have some grey Peg seat belts that have never been used. Some lights and stuff. I know I have some brand new heatsinks that are still in the package.

I will take some pics and let you take a look. But let me know if you have something in mind that you would want.
By wiggy353
Here are some pics of the spare parts.

Shocks, lights, etc.



Eliminator engine cover

Engine cover and wheels
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By DJ Kryptonite
Any of the Gaucho stuff you have, I saw some seat belts, front reflectors, a set of rear lights, not sure if you had anything else for one but definitely that stuff. I live in North East PA 18510. Also may be interested in the fake engine, motor/ gearbox laying get in the box depending on price. I'm constantly messing with stuff so sure I would find abise eventually. Let me know what you have and what your asking...thanks,



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