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for smaller 6v vehicles that NEED to be upgraded to 12v.
I couldn't find an area for newbbie dummies that need help, so I decided to post here. Everything started (innocently enough) with wanting to get my 4 year old daugther a ride on car. I found a decent ford mustang boss 302 in decent shape for $40 so I got it. All it really needed was a coat of paint but of course, I want to do more. It is an older model so I wanted to add some led lights and a horn. I spend hours in the internet, and I think I have figure out what I need, so I order : 23mm LED lights ( pre wired), a few power distributing blocks, a switch for the light, a little 12v horn, and wire and connector (of course I didn't even think to check their capacity, awg, etc...I was hopping someone could send me a picture or a drawing of what I need to do to for the following things (I work 12 hours shift 6 days per week so I don't have a lot of time left if I want to give it to her on saturday which is my only day off): :cry:
1.- how do I pull the power from the existing Battery for the other items???: the car has a typical power wheel 12V battery... I have a battery, and a adapter that powers the car. I understand that I need to pull power from it so I can get power to my power blocks (since space is really not a big issue, I will use a separate block for each item)... but how do I do it??? do a get some wire, terminate it with alligator clip or connector directly to the battery and then connect those wires to the block and then connect everything else to the block??? (If so, how do I get power to the existing items (the motor..) do I remove the existing plug and and connect the wires to a block????, if I do that, how do I charge the battery (if I put wires in the battery, then the charger that I have won't work... :|
2. If I use several power blocks, am I dispersing the power to much, so the motors wont have enough power to run???
3. How do I "ground" the cables????
Any help would be appreciated it... I have a million other question but those are the main ones that makes me just stare at a a car that I took apart, and it is just sitting in my garage waiting until I figure out what to do next.

Thank you in advance

Im sure other will chime in with advise as there are lots of ways to do the same task but thought I could add my 2 cents to your dilemma. First I would caution you for any blocks you are talking about using to wire up or any other 12 volt accessories that you take care to really watch the connections, routing, etc. As to not have any possibility to short anything. Also remember that the factory power wheels battery has a built in breaker in the top of the battery but if you switch to some sort of higher ah aftermarket battery, you need to have an inline breaker or fuse for safety.

Ok for the fun stuff, Typically for something simple like lights and a horn, I would just run an appropriate sized positive and negative from where your battery plugs in to your blocks (positive and negative accordingly). Keep the run as short as possible to keep the possibility of a short low. Again the internal breaker will trip if something were to happen though. Next I would run individually fused positive wires from the positive block to each switch I was using for the lights and to the horn. I would run all the negative wires together at the negative block. Ensure you keep your cabling neat and avoid pinch points. Use grommets or loom as needed to protect and route wires. Also zip ties and gorilla tape can be your friend if loom and grommets are a no go. Test to ensure no moving pieces get near any of the wires while moving fwd, back, turning and then test that everything works as it should before you button it all up.
Oh and the connection from the battery to the blocks would just be me splicing into the side of the cable that plugs into the battery, solder and electrical tape. You can also get what they call quick splice connectors to make life easier, I'm just a solder type of guy. Just ensure you buy for the correct gauge wire or get a little kit that has an assortment. And whatever you do, don't do any of the wiring with the battery plugged in.

Now that all sounds much worse than it is but if you don't feel comfortable with all that or need a simple solution, I would offer one that the companies themselves do on some models horns and lights, install stand alone low voltage battery powered items and don't use the power wheels battery at all. Most the cars and trucks have a sound box that take 2 x AA batteries to beep the horn or play voices and engine sounds, totally separate of the car battery. You can always install a sound box in the steering wheel, just cut a hole and mount it in as you see fit, glue epoxy, screws... The headlight can be cheap 1.5 volt LED flashlights modded to car and you just push the button on each side to turn them on. Just get short ones so they are easy to mount and clear the wheels. Again, just a simpler option you may not have considered but might work well based on how much you work. I actually get my LEDs from these and solder them together for 12 volts 1.5 x 8 lights. Opens up some cheap optokns if nothing else.

Of course their is a ton of talent on this forum so I am sure a lot of others will have some great suggestions as well. Good luck with whatever way you go and no matter what I'm sure she will love it.

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