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I have something you MIGHT want. Do you want to buy?
By airplanedan
My kids outgrew their NPL Camaro before I got around to retrofitting it to use the MLToys Mustang Stage 3 Speed Motor/Gearboxes. The car's original gearboxes had blown out running at 18v.

The car is a NPL Yellow Camaro with LED head/tail lights controlled by a dash rocker switch.
I'm in the Boston area if you want to pick it up.

I could ship the following parts. They're all brand new:
  • Stage III Speed Motors/Gearboxes for Mustang
    Brake Reduction Module
    Volt / Fuel Gauge In-Dash (Blue)
    Power Wheels Mustang Left & Right Wheels
    Rear Axle
    Driver Hubs
    Cap nuts
I spent $250 on the above parts. I'll let them go for $125 + shipping.

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