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Have a good/bad experience with a seller or buyer? Post it here. Not a bash session, see inside for guidelines.
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By keithdigital
Bottom Line Up Front - Michael from ML Toys is rude, disrespectful, sends me the wrong parts and tells me - I should be happy about it, and if I want to return the item, I have to pay return shipping (even though it was his error) and he may or may not reimburse me for return shipping. I will never make another purchase from his store and warn others, if your order is messed up you'll be in for a fight when you need to contact them. Horrible customer service.

(me) Hi I am interested in your Lightning McQueen 6v to 12+v Conversion Kit (consists of a wiring harness and a shifter), it says I will need a Cap Nut. Which one do I purchase and where does it go? Thanks.
(Michael) We only have one cap nut listed. It holds the rear tires on.
(me) (I am thinking to myself, that was clear as mud...)Thanks for responding. But I am still confused. So are you saying I need to remove one rear wheel to install the Conversion Kit (electrical components)?
(Michael) You should familiarize yourself with the construction of your car before taking on the project.
** Very rude response in my opinion. And by the way you don't need to remove the rear wheel to change the wiring harness and shifter **
Surprisingly I ended up making the purchase anyway. Picture shows a Lightening McQueen Shifter and wiring harness. What did I receive for $40?
A wiring harness and shifter that looks nothing like picture. The shifter I received looks like a golf ball. I immediately contacted ML toys...
(me) Hi I received my order today, but I think I received the wrong part. The shifter is not the correct shifter for Lightening McQueen. The one I received looks like a dune buggy shifter.
... No response, so I email again.
(Michael) I don't have a Lighting McQueen shifter and I don't understand why you are putting up such a fuss... Put it in and let your kid enjoy going faster.
(me) You sent me something I didn’t order and you think I should be happy about it?
** So now my only choices are to return the shifter by itself (and he will give me a $10 refund out of $40) - which I don't feel is fair (a Lightening McQueen Shifter is $20 shipped) or I return the whole kit and I have to pay return shipping (even though it was his error) and he may or may not reimburse me for return shipping. So frustrating...

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By M.L.Toys
Advising you to familiarize yourself with your vehicle was nothing more then sound advice to be helpful.

Yes, the shape of the shifter handle has changed from the original image. The kit is fully functioning and able to do as described. We have offered you a full refund on the product several times as well as offering to refund just the shifter. And we'll offer once again here even though you have edited and omitted parts of our email conversation to make it look like we're trying not to help you out. We are. Just return the product and we'll refund you.
Your experience with ML Toys is peculiar. I have spoken with them several times about various things and they've always been exceptionally helpful, never suggested I purchase things from them only told me they may have something I could use on a project. They've been quite friendly. This is - surprising - and I just don't see how you are so attached to the shape of a gear shift on a kids toy. Seems a bit weird. It's just a handle, it has zero performance deduct based upon shape.
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It would be consistent if he only had 3 customers... I have to imagine his volume is much higher than that. I know I've purchased from ML with no issues in the past.

I'm not trying to discount your concerns but this kind of reminds me of some of the 1 star Amazon reviews I've read.
By BB_Mike
He's always done me right. Been helpful even when I did not buy a particular thing from them.

Your milk has spilled. Now, someone is offering you the money for you to go buy a milk elsewhere. Take the money and move on.
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By lefty51
I'll admit I'm new on here, but I have already purchased items two times from M.L.Toys and also from Wes at Eastcoastpowerup and I received exactly what I ordered at fair prices and fast shipping. As a new power wheels crazy Grandpa, I imagine I will be doing much more business with both!

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