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Need new batteries? Going from 12V to 18V or 6V to 12V? Wiring Questions?
Hello everyone, I am brand new to the forum and a new power wheel modder :lol: . Building my sons led lighting on his 12v conversion lightning McQueen car. It is the full size car not the little toddler one.

Anyway, I am running 4 eagle eye leds up front for headlights, two led circle brake lights in the rear 2” in size for typical trailer and two eagle eye reverse lights.

My question is, does anyone have a diagram of something similar on where to run the wires.

From the battery I am getting that I need to run the 30 or 40 amp fuse off the positive, then into a relay then to a switch? Want to make sure I’m doing this correctly.

Also have some turn signal eagle eyes ready to install but for now just want to get the gist of the wiring for the lights.

Brake lights have built in brake wire and I was thinking of running running lights all to switch, and brake lights kick on when the gas pedal isn’t pushed. Reverse would be connected directly into reverse switch?

Thanks guys!

Looks like CJB posted a good image of kinda along the lines of what I’m looking to do however should I run a relay?

And how do I go about running everything in parallel from the terminal block.

Hopefully CJB is still on the forums.
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