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I want something you MIGHT have. Willing to sell?
One of my motors went bad so I am looking for (2) 19t motors for this car. I have a bunch of Jeep Hurricane parts, pretty much a complete car with Gearboxes etc if someone is looking to trade.

What I am looking for is something comparable to this, without the big price tag.

Thanks in advance
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$90?!?! :o

The ones you posted are 775 motors. They are bigger than the stock motors. If you just want something to replace your burnt motors then I would just get some from eBay. $10-20 max.
I’ll get you a link to the ones I just bought for my sons lightning mcqueen in a minute. It was one of the motors recommended in one of the threads on here.

This is the one I just installed. All you need is the correct pinion gear and everything should bolt right up. ... 2267761821
Ok so I looked at the motor and I can figure out wiring it up after all. Still not sure tho what pinion gear to get and how to get it to stay on.

Attached is a copy of my gearbox... Is this a 7r?
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Look like you have the #7 gearbox with the 19t pinion gear. If you look closely next to where the motor mount to you can see the number 19. You will need a 32p 19t pinion gear with a 3mm bore. I’ll link you to the pinion gear you need if you get the motor above. ... 2694161980

These pinion gear have a set screw so you will slide the pinion gear over the shaft and tighten the screw down. Use a little bit of loctite. Oh and also file a flat spot on the shaft so the set screw have something to grab onto.

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