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for 12v vehicles that NEED to be upgraded to 18v
By Biggjimm
Is a brake reduction module something our little tikes hummer needs or could benefit from installing?
It's been upgraded to 18v & I've replaced the stock 12" tires with the larger 14" power wheels tires. I think they maybe were off of the jeeps & f-150's.
Which, just like a real truck, required me fabricating a lift kit for it. Which led to having to beef up the steering components & make a set of step bars for it, which did end up looking very cool on the truck.
Does this madness ever end?
Seriously, last year my granddaughter would ride this thing one maybe two times a week. Now she wants to ride it everyday. Even in the light rain she's trying to ride it.
She absolutely loves it. And she loves showing it to people & telling them about every little thing we've done to it.
It's a lot of fun.
And for that I say thanks to all of you folks on here for sharing your ideas & your expertise!

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By M.L.Toys
If it's stopping so abruptly that it's breaking things or making the driving less enjoyable because of the whiplash then it's worth doing. If you have hills though don't do it as the vehicle may not stop, especially with larger tires added.
By Biggjimm
That's what I was thinking because it doesn't stop so abruptly that it's an issue. The tires just kind of slide it to a stop. In fact, she's found if she turns the wheel as she let's off the throttle the truck will do like a power slide & spin around at least 180 degrees. She thinks she's hot stuff when she does that.
If it had rubber tires it would probably slam to a stop but I think with the plastic tires it's fine.
Going down hill it doesn't want to stop as fast now so that would probably be a bad idea if the module made that worse.
Thanks M.L. Toys.

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