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I want to go faster.
Any advice would really be appreciated. I upgraded my KFX to 24 v for a second time but the motors were 550 stating 30K rpms. This thing is slow, much slower than stock peg perego 12V. any suggestions on what may be going on here. is wired in a series. please help.

Do you mean the PW motors are wired in series ? If the motors are wired in series then they will only see 12 volts. If you wire the PW 550 motors in parallel they will see the 24v, and be fast, but only for a few minutes. Powerwheels 550 motors on 12 v will be slower than a Peg ride-on w/700 series motors on 12v (I'm assuming 700 series , since we have no idea what your Peg ride-on is).
Rob thanks for the reply. The wired In series was reference to how the 2 12v batteries are connected. The output is set for 24v. it sounds like I may need to check the motors and make sure they are connected in s parallel format. Do you known of any visual aids that could help??
* the peg perago is the razor 900 12v
When you say you upgraded to 24v for the second time what do you mean? What did you upgrade? If you have part numbers or a link to the parts you are using it might help figure out the problem.
not an ugrade, just blew the motors and gearbox. replaced them with parts from Amazon. listed as: "Gearbox for Kids Power Wheels Accessories, 24V 18000RPM Electric Motor with Gear Box RS550 Drive Engine Match Children Ride On Car Replacement Parts " it seemed very slow after install so I replaced those motors with "2 Pcs 550 30000RPM Electric Motor for 24 Volt Kids Ride On Car, RS550 24V Motor Gearbox Accessories for Children Ride On Toys Replacement Parts ". I was to believe the higher rating on the RPM's would result in a faster powerwheel. its exactly the same slow speed. I'm at a lost point. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Before going to any "24v motors/gearboxes" you still have to figure out why the ride was slow at 24v.
If the 12v 550 motors really did see 24v they would have been fast up until the time that (at least one of) the motors burned out. If the motors burned out because they were getting 24v then the ride should have been fast for a short time at least.

The confusing part is how did the motor/gearboxes blow-up if the ride was slow ?
Maybe one motor burned out right away and it was slow running on just the other single motor until it also burned out ?
Was the ride "fast" for even a few minutes ?

I upgraded an older Peg Jeep that has 12v 550 motors with a 24v ESC and Hall effect throttle. I mechanically limited the throttle so that the motors only saw 18v at full throttle. The ride lasted most of a summer that way (my girls were pretty light <40lbs) and the ride was noticeably faster than it was when stock at 12v. One day I wanted to see how fast it would be at the full 24v so I removed the mechanical limit and let the motors see the full 24v. The ride was fast but one of motors only lasted half a day before the smoke came out. I replaced the motor, put the 18v limit back in and the ride is ok again. So yes, ML Toys is correct that the the 550 motors are not made for 24v but they should have been fast for a short time at least.
Torque ratings are more important than no-load speeds at different voltages. The motors you used most likely are high speed/low torque motors that cannot handle the application for use in a ride on. They would be better to use in an RC car etc...

For replacement motors try to find one that can produce the required torque at your supplied voltage. Page 17 of this manual helps explain the torque of a brushed DC motor in relation to it's winding's. It's a good read. ... 543041.pdf
Wired, thanks for the info, without having read the link from "wired" what 550 motors are you purchasing/ or motors In general, are you purchasing ? I haven't had this issue with any of my other mod powerwheels. Which make me think there may be a wiring issue to the motors vs the motor themselves. Please let me know what you think before I start buying more motors that amy not fix the problem. Thanks all.
Other things to look for would be a bent axle, too much traction, excess weight or high resistance terrain. Any time you over-volt a motor it's not going to last forever. Some motors rated at 18v may last longer at 24v. The more voltage you throw at a ride on, the bigger the motor you're going to need. Everything has a limit. I kept mine at 18v for just this reason. Had minimal problems throughout the years.
775 motors with 7R gearboxes might be a good upgrade for you in the long run.

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