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Need new batteries? Going from 12V to 18V or 6V to 12V? Wiring Questions?
By Newsman
[img][img]Hope this is the right spot. Did do some searching fort this model and only found a couple of posts, both in older archives.
Well was given this to fix for my grandson who will be four next month. Have fixed a couple of other similar vehicles by mostly leaving out the oxidation and gunk in the switches and connections. But guess I'm at a bit of a loss because of the circuit board. I am familiar with electronics, airborne radar repairman back in the mid 60's w/Air Force and working on my hobby of restoring old garden tractors. Pulling shifter up car backs up. Puist sifter down no go. Directionals, radio (after changing radio batteries) and other sounds are functioning. Pulled shifter and have continuity where it should in both positions. So I am now to the circuit board. Found this in a post from dasalvia100 back in July 2010 ... C_ID=18954 and am questioning this statement "these cars have an electronic board that gets fried very easy... I hope yours is good... if not you can by-pass it." I searched around for more on that comment and couldn't come up with anything. Did find another that said they were "pretty pricey" but didn't have any luck with Google. I know the car has some age on it but seems to be in decent shape so any help or suggestions are appreciated. I am attaching couple of pixs.
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wired wrote: Mon Jun 10, 2019 4:32 pm Here is the "bypass" post from the old forum: ... 178#134843

Lots of good info.

Also the recall: ... ideon.html
Thanks for the links Wired. Read through them and ready to start cutting wires and either fixing or turning it into a BIG YELLOW planter.
I do have a question about the relays and don't see any recent sign of 12VWIZ having been on line recently so guess I'll just ask here rather than splitting this up and posting in Batteries and Wiring. In replying to a post from dRwOOD about the relays, he posted a link to SPDT relays and Jerry replied that he used standard DPDT relays. I'm not finding anything standard about them, especially since the most frugal (cheap) ones are starting out at $20. My question, wouldn't SPDT work just as well. Maybe I'm not seeing something in the wiring diagram so I'll get my magnifying glass out to use w/ my specs. Would really get the five relays for $20 total if they will do the trick. They are still in the 30/40 amp rating.
Check out ebay and/or Amazon for" bosch" style relays. You will find SPDT & DPDT relays for reasonable prices (I found some SPDT in about 2 minutes----10 relays for $15 delivered). They sell them at every auto parts store too but they are more expensive.
I found a bunch of the single pole but none of the double pole. Just want to make sure the dsingle will do the job. I'm thinking that the double pole is just more robust since there are two contacts.
I see no reason to even use a DPDT relay unless you were looking to make your own circuit other than the one linked to or were
limited on space. SPDT relays are what are used in the diagram of the bypass circuit.
That's sort of what I was figuring. Only reason I was in this quandary was from 12VWIZ reply about that's what he usaed, but yet schematic didn't show any reason to do so. Got the others ordered.
Just looking for clarification of the bypassing the circuit board. ... 178#134843 Do I leave 12V to it? I at first though no cause we're bypassing it and besides we cut the plugs. But then I begin to overthink what is basically a pretty simple diagram and note the 12V Accessory wires have to be hooked up. Then I wonder if that has something to do with the sounds etc (not radio already put new batts in there,) and if so the board should remain. So then I'm thinking the board needs to remain active even though I'm not sure it's working, hence the by-pass. Oh well should have relays tomorrow and guess it'll just be trial and error.
Ugh, :?
Keep the supply voltage to the relays and accessories at 12v to keep from damaging the circuit components . What you put to the motors is left to your discretion.
Don't you just hate it when you give someone info and then you never know how it went? Well I know I do. Sorry for the delay in getting back on but as the saying goes ...been busier that all get out! So after some cutting of wires, running new power wires from front, figuring out how to get the relays in and wired and then ordering a new non OEM battery (fit like a glove) I am pleased to say it runs great. Connected everything using wire nuts to make sure it was gonna run, it did, so off come the nuts and soldered, heat shrink on all connections and tucked away. Everything works, both speeds and R, horn, sounds, directionals and lights. Thanks for the help. Never would have gotten this without the forum.
BTW grandson loves it!
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