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I want to go faster.
Hey guys, new here, excited to do some learning. I have 2 lightning McQueens, one that I bought over a year ago and have been running on my B&D 20v drill batteries and it flies. I recently required a 2nd McQueen and did the exact same hook up and it did nothing to the speed. After a bit of research I believe the original is a W5542 (sticker under hood is worn off). The newer one that did not speed up with the 20v is a H8256. Any ideas on why this one is still slow?
Here are some pics. The 1st 3 are of the W5542 and of course the 2nd 3 are the H8256.
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The first is a 6V mcqueen. The second is a 12V mcqeen. The 12V mcqueen has an extra gear level. The extra gear level engages a second switch. The 6V mcqueen is missing the second switch, which can be added in that blank cutout. Basically the 12V fast gear connects the two motors in parallel to the battery (each motor would get 12V, in your case would be 20V). Without the additional switch, i believe the motors are in series... Once you add the second switch to the 6V you can rewire it to match the 12V version...

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