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By Glorydays
Hi Guys!

Wanted to share a Modified Jeep Hurricane Video,
@ 18 and 24 Volts! Santa brought this one for Christmas,
I think he found it at Toys R Us, it had been sitting as a floor model.
It was pretty dirty and batteries exploded in the radio compartment.
Santa's Elves cleaned it up good, got a sticker sheet for it and a new radio,
not sure but I think they may have done something to the motors too. :roll:
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By Glorydays
BadaBing wrote:Looks like fun! All you did was clean it and add a battery? Which brand is that?
It is Fun! I Cleaned it up, but Santa's Elves added Traxxas 775 motor's. Batteries are made by Gruber, some scenes are at 24 volts, some at 18volts. (2) 12v 12ah Batteries wired in series for 24v, or (1) 12v 12ah and (1) 6v 12ah wired in series for 18v. I did use ML toys 775 motor mounts, a 17t 32p pinion gear, and a "Safe Amp" 12v Power Wheels Battery plug in adapter, (found it on Amazon). I added traction to the front wheels with bicycle tires, (some good videos on YouTube on how to do this). A little more involved but nothing crazy, just a little more fun than stock.
By Glorydays
I haven't posted in a while but wanted to give a little heads up. This is an obvious one but my help some.
Earlier I posted that I got this Jeep Hurricane, a floor model (already put together) from the now (gulp) extinct Toys are Us.

I cleaned it up and did some minor mods. My Son enjoyed it many times and we've broken gears several times. But the last time he used it, fuses would blow. And they would blow as soon as I put them in. No vehicle movement at all, just a popped fuse.
I checked the motors, they seemed fine. I thought it might be the pedal switch. It turned out to be ok. So I took it apart to check the shifter assembly and found that during assembly whoever assembled it had pinched two wires with a screw.
It took a while for it to cause a short, and I'm sure the higher voltage softened the casing. This in turn shorted out forward on the shifter, reverse still worked.

This is just a simple reminder to be sure the wiring is not pinched, or trapped by a screw when assembling, or reassembling. Image
shifter wire.jpg
shifter wire.jpg (842.83 KiB) Viewed 406 times

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