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Anything you want to put here that is "G" rated that doesnt really fit anywhere else
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By Dylan13
this is great talk.....We've been looking at buying a house that has a an above ground pool, we already know that it needs a liner but other than that it appears pretty solid, new composite deck and all. I grew up with neighbors that had pools and I had a blast as a kid in them. And now we live in a community with a pool and our kids live it in during the summer so I know they would love it :P I just don't know if I'm up to the challange of the upkeep or the $$$$ to maintain it :( Wife says its only 4 months out the year we have to hassle with it :roll:
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By dozer
Well a guy at work gave me and idea that he has used to heat an above ground pool.
Solar heat. But he did it by building a box (he held his hands out to indicate about 3' across, paint it black,lined it with tarpaper, and coiled as much black hose in it as he could, 300 - 400 feet and put a glass lid on it.
Said he had to shut it off when the pool reached 97 deg.
He put a stove thermometer in it, it read 500 deg.
I'm going to try this but with a larger box cause i'm using black tube from lawn sprinkler systems.
And cause it's a lot easier than trying to put it on the roof.
dozer wrote:Blacksheep can we see your cutom setup.
I've had a few ideas myself, mostly too big and complicated to try.
I'll try and dig up some winter pics tomorrow along with an explanation.
Sorry I haven't responded sooner Dozer. The hd on my laptop took a poop so I have to use my cell for the time being. I just got the new evo 3d and it is working well so far. I will post some pictures as soon as I can.

jparthum wrote:Nope, but I plan on getting one in the next couple of years, so I'm all ears too (I guess eyes, technically :? ).
I meant to mention that I have seen freebees on CL that can be found as long as you remove it from the current location. That's how I got my swing set and it turned out well...
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By jparthum
Thanks blacksheep. I've been combing local online ads for a couple of years now, but all of the bigger pools that I've seen listed are either currently setup and expensive, or reasonable/cheap but already disassembled. Not being very familiar with these, I haven't been confident that I could accurately assess the condition/value of a pool that isn't in a usable state :? .

This ad appeared the other day... ... distance=0
(also hosted by GoDaddy, so be patient)

I might call and make them an offer...?
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By kastoo
I have a 12 ft round 2.5 foot or more deep INTEX metal frame pool..I had a 10 ft intex none metal frame but it slumps alot so I returned it. I picked up the 12ft off of Amazon for like 140 with free shipping to my door. Now the water is cloudy so it is chemical time. I bought some shock...I called home depot because i have no idea how to figure out what amount for this little they said add 1/3 cup..I did, we'll see. This is a pain, haha. Is there a pump out there for these small ones that you just add to the pump and your done? I bought a PH test kit too so I don't let the kids get into a nasty pool.
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By jparthum
The newer Intex saltwater generators include a 'shock' feature... ... 9EMAULJSOO

But they also require a 1000GPH (or higher) pump :| . The Intex 1000GPH pump is another $40, but on Amazon it states "...for Intex 15 ft (457 cm) Round Frame Pools and Easy Set Pools.", while Intex's site states "...for use with 8', 10', 12', 13', 14', 15', and 16' pools." :| . I would tend to trust info directly from the manufacturer more, but their site also list the same pump, on the same page as both 800GPH and 1000GPH :roll: . ... xgy__img_c ... parts=list
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By dozer
Pools are always a pain even when you get all the chemicals right and the water clean you'll find a fitting dripping and have to take it apart again.
Kastoo, there's no shortcut around cheicals. Do it right and get ph and alkalinity balanced and you'll use a lot less chlorine.
Make sure you are using stabilized chlorine as well. Tri-Chlor has a stabilizer in it if you are using that. In the summers I help run the pool here in town. 300,000 gallons, 2ft - 10ft w/2 diving boards and 2 slides. Pool was built in 1961 so you can only imagine the issues we have with it! Good luck with the pools, they are truly a pain, but it's worth seeing the kiddos smile when they cannonball in the water.
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By dozer
just saw this
does it really matter if the water goes thru slowly.
is there a difference between heating 10 gals 3deg or 100gals 0.3 degs
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By modmom32
I have metal tubed frame, I like it better than ring. The ring was nice but 1 rainy week with super high temps are BAD... The plastic seam became too hot and water rose to high and POP!!! I came home and water was gone.... We dug out flat spot so when it, neighborsw got The metal is nice because it less likely to tip due to uneven, and water rising goes out holes b4 it reaches very top. NICE!!!!! Not hard to put together either. Only suggestion I have is MAKE FLAT and ROCK free, add padding, lol, I am a but I like to use for extra barrier to tarp under pool. The rocks work there way up some how... not sure but I am in the hills of TN. Go metal!!!
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By kastoo
Man I know you're already having a ball in HI! Maybe I will make it back before I croak...haha!
Kstorm21 wrote:This is kind of random but we finally went to the pool today and I got a mouth full of water and quickly realized it was a salt water pool. It was the first time I'd been in one. At first I was like, okay either a lot of people have peed and/or sweated in here or it's a salt water pool. It was different and wasn't nearly as strong or nasty as ocean water. :D Not really helpful or insightful put thought I'd share. :D
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By Kstorm21
Okay so I bought a 8' X 26" pool and it's starting to get cloudy and slimy with algae on the bottom. The question is, how to I stabilize it? I bought a couple things for it but I don't know if it's the right stuff.
IMAG1850.jpg (149.99 KiB) Viewed 5378 times
you can kind of see the algea on the bottom. It's lots worse than it looks. YUCK!
IMAG1851.jpg (363.5 KiB) Viewed 5378 times
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By dozer
You can use algicide or shock, and a pool brush to loosen it up then the filter should get it.

Turn the chlorine up (or float more pucks) when its hotter. Sorry I don't know how those type's of pools work.

I really need to put pics of my pool up now.
haven't been in it for almost a month. The nights have been unusually cool which chill the pool.
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By jparthum
Oh yeah, I never posted pics of mine either :? :oops:

My pool project post :P ...
Dirt and grass tilled (originally planned to use a square tarp/ground cloth).
Raked out the dead grass (burned it), and leveled the dirt. The PVC pipe ring is to hold the ground cloth down later, but was useful in defining my work area too.
Added about 1 1/2 yards of 'light' 60/40 (sand/clay), raked out the bigger clay chunks and leveled again.
Tamped the sand and sprayed grass killer.
Rolled out PVC weed barrier, assembled the pool, and started filling with water (4440 gal.).
At about 1/3 full (just above the straps), I moved the brick footings to underneath the ground cloth and readjusted the legs. Then I laid the PVC pipe ring (50' circumference) over the ground cloth, Drilled 2 holes through each joint and 1 half way in-between each joint, put 8" galvanized nails through the pipe and ground cloth, then cut off the excess with a utility knife. I'm hoping to be able to mow around this without needing to use a trimmer - we'll see, once the grass grows back :? .
Added 120# of pool salt, put the pump on a timer and programmed the Chlorine generator to run for three hours each night (pump starts 30 min. before, and shuts off 30 min. after), and bought a small Dollar Store pool to put under the ladder so swimmers would have to step into it before entering the pool (cleaning their feet ;) ). I wasn't able to keep all of the wrinkles out of the bottom so debris collects there :x , but this how the water looks (44" deep) after my son's 3rd birthday/pool party yesterday, before skimming and vacuuming. Not one drop of chemical has ever been added - the water feels smooth and silky, tastes like slightly salty tap-water (about like a tear drop), and will heal small lacerations or (sun) burns in about one hour. 8-)
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By Kstorm21
Nice pool jparthum...way to take the time and get it right! I put the foam play mat things under mine on a concrete slab but it's uneven still. I don't want to put it on the grass cause it'll die! Don't want to deal with that too when we move out. I only spent $37 on the pool at the NEX so I can't really complain. I'm just not sure what to do with it.
I've been using this stuff but not consistently so it's not really doing anything.
IMAG1868.jpg (304.48 KiB) Viewed 5369 times
I haven't tried this stuff yet.
IMAG1869.jpg (276.65 KiB) Viewed 5369 times
broughy84 wrote:Make sure to keep at least .5ppm CL2 in it and also keep the pH between 7.6-7.8.
Ummm....that looks like some foreign language to me. :D

So just buy some shock and throw it in? Along with some chlorine tabs? I don't even think my pump is working anymore...:(
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By dozer
We were so busy getting ready for his birthday party that we didn't take a lot of picks.
but there's some picks in the background of his b party.
IMG_0330.JPG (166.43 KiB) Viewed 5367 times
Copy of IMG_0308.JPG
this is the solar heater. getting a full sheet of plexi glass for it.
Going to double this next year.

Copy of IMG_0308.JPG (170.89 KiB) Viewed 5367 times
Copy of IMG_0317.JPG
built a small deck.
Copy of IMG_0317.JPG (105.27 KiB) Viewed 5367 times
IMG_0107.JPG (137.77 KiB) Viewed 5367 times
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By dozer
kastoo wrote:I took mine down for the season a week or 2 ago.
supposed to be warm towards the end of the week, keeping my fingers crossed.

jparthum wrote:That looks awesome dozer! 8-)

I wonder if insulating the liner would be worthwhile...?
We were going to paint the sides black. but haven't gotten to it. (getting into the basement reno. remember the water damage?)
Don't think you could fit enough insulation in to do any good, it's a lot of surface area.
I wonder why solar covers don't come in black.
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By CobyCoby
broughy84 wrote:Shock it good and brush and vacuum it. Make sure to keep at least .5ppm CL2 in it and also keep the pH between 7.6-7.8. Algicide works, but shock and cleaning gives you more benefits.
I'm totally agree with you.You'r 100% good here that shock it good and brush and vacuum it.I personally try this.
We were going to paint the sides black. but haven't gotten to it.
I will be next time post my above ground pool photo.This will be helpful for you taking nice ideas from there.
dozer wrote:Blacksheep can we see your cutom setup.
I've had a few ideas myself, mostly too big and complicated to try.
I'm really sorry for my response time.

Heavy duty pool cover with water on top and saran wrap all the way around with sandbags. This seems to take anything thrown at it. I remember many years struggling to find a good setup because the wind always ripped it to shreds.
By akash
Hello Everyone,

I am thinking of having a pool at my farmhouse. Can anyone tell me what safety measures should I take while construction of swimming pool and also suggest me the gadgets needed to install in the swimming pool?


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