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Review your power wheels (or others) here for all to see!
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By dozer
got any pics of the steering and front end.
I bought a kfx on the weekend and was not impressed.
Just want to see if all the newer stuff is weak.
By VegasSquidMods
@Dozer I can try to get them to you, But if i remember right the steering covered in plastic, I know its got like 1"- 1 1/2" Tube on the front i think this frame is the best to mod b/c if the tubed frame.
By VegasSquidMods
TXANM wrote:Tire Question: Will these tires retro fit to the Gravedigger? :)
I truly have no idea if they do, I have not seen a Gravedigger in person, only in pics on here.
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By buzz
VSM, thank you for coming here and posting these. It's good to have someone on the "inside" :-)
By VegasSquidMods
buzz wrote:VSM, thank you for coming here and posting these. It's good to have someone on the "inside" :-)

Haha. No problem, I got the job b/c of this site. I told them about my Escalade and they dam near hired me on the spot.
By tnfyrfghtr
We got one of these for our 4 year old. He LOVES it...
Steel Frame
Great 'off road' tires
Easy steering
Roomy enough for 2
Not good traction on pavement. I know the same can be said for most PW's but this is worse
The shifter is in a spot where he hits it when he enters and exits.. I can see it prolly being replaced.
The battery compartment is in the rear with a small access door, making it hard to change or use a different battery, but we will fix that!! :twisted:
All in all it's a good buy. It runs for a long time on a charge. The steel frame is a big plus. It goes just about anywhere he drives it. Much like his John Deere, he will probably wear the tires out before he wears it out!
By rayj310
I bought one for my son. The turning radius sucks. The problem with the wheels is they are very noisy on the street. I called and asked if I could buy different wheels that would be quieter and the customer service agent at power wheels said it's not possible. I told he the wheels were so loud that the kids could not hear me when I yelled "Stop CAR!!!" She reimbursed the entire purchase if I mailed back the connector from the car to the battery and the receipt. Free project car ;-) I didn't expect that.

I replace the front wheels with rubber wheels and much better.
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By taz11
Really don't want to sound like a jerk on this one but......
The problem with the wheels is they are very noisy on the street.
Plastic nobby tires.......what did you expect?

Free project car is cool.
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By x-tremeOCK
Gees, I've got to try that. "Hello, the headlights on my Hurricane don't work...oh ya, and my tires make noise. Can I have my money back?" ;) :lol:

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