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This is your club New England! Lets see what you come up with. If you are from the <New England> area - get in here!
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By buzz
Noones posted to this in 8 months. Anybody out there? I'm new to the PW modding and trying to see whats going on here in Mass.

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By buzz
South Worcester

Where you get that Gaucho from? I rarely see Peg Perego around Mass let alone Gauchos.

I have 7 right now:
2xJeep (Blue and Barbie Tunes)
X-Treme Machine
John Deere Peg - Old Style
Dumar Yamaha Raptor

Blue Jeep and Deere are in pretty good condition, EM needs front tires, the harleys and barbie were free hauls from Worcester and Framingham)but they work, nothing broken! Kids are loving rotating around "the fleet".
By zipperhead
Got his first on craigslist for 15 they called it "battery car" it was an A151 with real disc brakes, cleaned the switches and it was gtg, got the Rockin' on craigslist in Malden for 30 it was in perfect condition except it need a new gear drive, which the A151 gladly gave up since my 3 y/o could not quite grasp the brake concept yet. My pride of the fleet is the Power Drive Chevy 1500, second most expensive one we have bought, and definately the farthest traveled for.
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By buzz
Yeah, its funny how many different keywords you can find the BPRO's.

Any races, clubs or anything like that around these parts?
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By buzz
No cars here, best place is keep checking Craigslist that I've found.

I've been picking up Freebies only now though.

Heading up to NH this weekend!
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By buzz
Wasnt there hunting, just a vacation. Was responding to jbezio who said they were from NH.

Where did you see the Gaucho? CraigsList or Freecycle? I find freecycle just has too much stuff to sift through and doesnt update like CL does.
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By AlexL
does any one know any races in or near connectuit????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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By AlexL
Anyone know of any races in or near connecticut. :D :D
By K9Euro
zipperhead wrote:There was a Gaucho for $25 in Sterling last week, someone beat me to it though, but got a Gator on freecycle, so it was not a bad week.

Do you have good luck hunting in NH?
Sorry Zipperhead that was me. My first Gaucho. You have a nice collection.
By mpking
Boston South Shore here as well. Just scored my First PW off craigslist last week. No plans to modify. We'll see how bored I get this winter.
By adamj12b
Just thought I would give a shout. Im in Charlton, West of Worcester.

So far Ive got 2 Safety 1st Corvettes, 1 Yellow, 1 Red and a Toyota FJ Cruiser. The FJ is my niece Lillians and so isnt one of the corvettes, just havnt decided which one yet. lol Shes she excuse to keep buying them. :)
By swmacneil
Im in Salem, MA
Grabbed my first Gaucho as a trade a few weeks back. Gaucho Grande, runs great, but worn well. Grabbing another Grande tonight in decent shape but how it runs is not certain. Also trying to grab a John Deere Gaucho
By Paul D
Originally from MA here but now in the Lakes Region of NH. Got my first last weekend a F150 super 6 volt, and working on obtaining a Jeep hurricane that needs some gearbox help.
By papaj
Im from Western MA old thread but looks like its been bumped a few times.
By zamaro
Here is East Bridgewater still over 100 here - 7 or 8 gauchos - many parts - must be close to someone?


zamaro69 at hotmail dot com -
By zamaro
Checking back in over 200 units now in East bridgewater MA.... 02333 what parts do u need?
getting ready to have 40 to 50 ready once weather breaks

617 six four five six nine six nine cell/txt direct

zamaro69 at hotmail dot com also email
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By Brother Al
Anoth'ah Masshole here! New to the Board and hobby... posted in the intro, but I'll summerize...
Just started on a Little Tikes Hummer 2 Red w/ stock lift kit... pics very soon. She's obviously literallycted to New England's worst since probably new... UV fade here and there, seatbelts are literally crumbling into dust, radio is MIA, decals are really bad, except for the windshield... No idea if she's operational yet...
By Pjv
Hi, I'm in Natick. Everything started with a visit to Richard's Perego hall of fame a few weeks ago while looking for a Gaucho. I scored my first one in CT a week later. great shape but needed new gearbox.

Now I just picked up a Hurricane that needs some loving too: gearbox, tires and radio. Does any one have any of that? Richard?
By Diosod
Hi I'm from worcester area. Been lurking for a while. I have an 18v arctic cat red and I think I blew both motors as my brilliant idea of sitting on it to move it failed wonderfully. I bit off a bit more than I could chew and removed the wiring from my switch selector and the switches. My voltage readings are all over the place and I am afraid I will burn out any new motors I put in since I may not have wired correctly. Any locals willing to trade wiring pictures or recommendations? Thanks!
By wildbill336
In Saugus,MA.
just bought my 4year old his first. The dodge police car used off Craigslist for $80. Everything works except does not have the megaphone and there is a clicking if my son turn to much to the right. Thinking of doing the battery mod that's what put me on to this forum. It looks fairly easy. I figure just to add a six volt. 18v should be fine for the motors or should I think about upgrading those??? Any help appreciated
By wildbill336
Can anyone give advice on how to upgrade a kid tax dodge police car for more speed I see those motors on and I have questions before I purchase. I want to go 18v or 24v but I have no clue about pinions or tooth. Do I need to upgrade gearbox if I go to 18v????
If I do get new motors and gearbox what else do I need to do to get them connected??? Any help is appreciated.
By zamaro
Checking back in...
zamaro69 At

Now 200 plus here in East Bridgewater MA. South of boston about 45 mins...

617 645 six nine six nine.cell
parts parts parts Bought out a good chunk of gramps garage a few years back now.
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By giantsnation
zamaro wrote:Checking back in...
zamaro69 At

Now 200 plus here in East Bridgewater MA. South of boston about 45 mins...

617 645 six nine six nine.cell
parts parts parts Bought out a good chunk of gramps garage a few years back now.
Jeep parts? :D I'm in albany but always looking for an excuse to take the kids to the aquarium - and I have family in Mansfield.
By zamaro
Yep - I must have the most PW "stuff" in the north east!

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