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Have you added running lights? Headlamps? Perhaps some spinners?
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By rinowish
This may seem more complicated that it really is. For that, I apollogize. Sewing is not my forte, nor is explaining how to do it. If you have any questions, by all means ask.

1. Cut out each pattern
• I provided the dimensions for each piece because most of them are larger than an 8X11 or even 8X14 sized paper, some art programs will still print these out an multiple pages, which you then cut and tape them together
Seat Back A
Seat Back B
Seat Back C
Seat Back D
Seat Back E

Seat Bottom A
Seat Bottom B
Seat Bottom C
Seat Bottom D
Seat Bottom E

Seat Wrap A
Seat Wrap B

2. Pin the patterns to your selected fabric and cut them out.
• You don’t have to, but as a newb to sewing, I found it MUCH easier to draw the ¼ in seam line (the dotted line) on to the fabric directly… If you do this, make sure you do this to the back of each pattern piece.

3. Once your pattern pieces are cut out, you are ready to sew them together.
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By rinowish
Assembling the Seat Bottom:

4. Start with Seat Bottom A and Seat Bottom B

5. Line them up along the top of A (notice the bottom of A has a larger excess seam area)
• Pin them together face to face, the the seams will not be exposed after assembly.


6. Sew along the ¼ in. seam line.

7. Then open the panels, it should like like the following, this with the same on the bottom:


8. Lay panels A & B face up.

9. Line up and pin C & D face down (again, so the seam will be on the unexposed side) as shown:

10. Sew along each seam line.

11. Lay panels A – D face up:

12. Line up and pin panel E face down. The size and shape should be a near perfect match to panels A – D assembled:
• Only sew the sides and the top, leaving the bottom open. Do Not sew up the bottom, or you will not be able to add padding/coushin.

13. Once all the panels are sewn together, it should be inside out. Go ahead and invert it so it is normal again.

14. Take the coushin material you’ve slected (batting or foam) and cut it to shape.

15. Insert it in from the bottom which was left unsewn.

16. Now to add realism to the look, and also keep the stuffing from shifting or adjusting, add stitching as shown below:
17. Your Seat Bottom is done. It can be placed aside for now.
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By rinowish
Assembling the Seat Back is simliar to the Seat Bottom, but with a minor variation:

18. Using the Seat Back A – D panels, repeat steps 3-10 to assemble Seat Bottom panels A – D.

19. Before attaching Seat Back E, you will need to attach Seat Wrap A first.

20. Lay Seat Back A – D face up.

21. Line up Seat Wrap A face down on panels A – D
• Because Seat Wrap A is not the complete length to attach from lower left corner of the Seat Back A – D up and around and back down to the lower right corner, what you will want to do is center Seat Wrap A (face down) with the center of the Seat Back at the top of the arc (as shown below):

• Then pin each side of Seat Wrap A down along the edges of the Seat Back A-D as far down as the will go. Because you are curving the material, it will want to folder and bunch up on itself around the arc where you are pinning. This is OK, but still try to get the ¼ in. seam line where you will be sewin as smooth as you can, but a little bit of bunching will not effect the end result that much. When you are done pinning the Seat Wrap flap down the sides of the seat back, they should be even. It should look something like this:

22. At this point, you can either:
• Sew Seat Wrap A into place before attaching Seat Back E, or…
• you can also pin Seat Back E into place because you will be sewing the same seam.
** I chose the first option, to sew Seat Wrap A into place first, that way when I pinned Seat Back E into placee, I did not lose my allignment with the seat wrap piece. **

23. Ultimately, the goal is to attach Seat Back E as you did in step 12, creating in inside out pouch, but the goal here so to have Seat Wrap A sewn into the middle of the seam. Kind of like this:

24. When you’ve achived this, flip it right side out, and repeat steps 13-16.
• Especially don’t forget step 16, to add the faux-lumbar support lines. It is a pain to do this step after you attach Seat Wrap B. I made the mistake with the first seat cover.
25. Now you are ready to add the last pattern piece, Seat Wrap B.
• At this point, you should be good with figuring out how to sew your seams on the inside, explaining “face up” and “Face down” for this piece doesn’t really work LOL. Here’s a picture of where you are placing it:
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By rinowish
ALMOST DONE!!! But this part is tough.

26. At this point, if you test fit you complete Seat Back on an actual seat, you should have at least 1 - 2 inches of overhang in the back, this is normal. This will get folded inward, and sewn into a sleeve for the elastic band which will secure the seatcover to the back of the seat itself.

27. Take a strip of ¼ in. wide elastice, and cut about a 5-6 inch strip.

28. Line it up to the edge of the pocket, fold it inward with the with about ½ in or material (the folder will be the red dotted line) and pin it into place.

29. Sew the end of the pocket closed including the end of the elastic strip.

30. Once the end of the sleeve is started, and elastic is secure, carefully pin the rest of the sleeve closed. Make sure you are stretching the elastic and pinning it in place to make sure you are able to secure it at the other end.

31. Once pinned, sew the sleeve closed. Make sure you are stretching out the material and elastic, because it will want to bunch up due to the elastic
** Make sure you DO NOT sew into the elastic band, or it will cease to stretch and contract properly around the seat when complete.

32. Once the back is done, you will need to add two small 2 ½ in. strips to the seat bottom.

33. Sew each end of the small strip into the corresponding locations (1 and 1) and (2 and 2).
** from the side, it should look like this:** ... om%20B.jpg

34. Make sure thie folds down and under the seat also.

Last stage, adding the Seat Bottom to the Seat Back.

35. Place the 2 seat halves face to face, and sew along the bottom edge (which should still be open from when we added the stuffing). The edge that is shaped like:

36. Not only does this seal off the bottom now so the stuffing will stay in, but it completes the seat. You can now slide it over the seat.
houstonbudman wrote:I am interested in your Gaucho seat cover patterns but cannot open the posts. Can you send the files to me. Thanks,
+1 they dont open for me either
places sell these seat covers for like $16/ea
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By rinowish
Hello.. I have been away for a while. Life and all got in the way, ya know?

I had these hosted on the "personal web space" my internet provider USED to supply. I must have missed the memo when they stopped offering free webspace. As a result, those uploaded files are gone and links are dead. I have been meaning to, but have not had time to, find where i have them saved on my computer and re-upload. Please be patient for me gents, i'll try to get this corrected this weekend.
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By rinowish
well shoot.. i looked on the hard drive, and the images are not there. I have one other thumb drive and i check, but can not locate it at this time. I'll keep you informed, but if you want to get started.. here is what i did.. I bought just a single seat cover.. not the pair.. and cut it up to make my pattern.

Here is an image of what they turned out like though.
Seat2.JPG (80.68 KiB) Viewed 4298 times
DSC04883.JPG (56.1 KiB) Viewed 4298 times
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By rinowish
oh.. i remembered why i cannot find the other thumbdrive.. it fell out of my pocket in the car, and in the seat track, and i crushed it adjusting my seat. :o :o :( :(

So bad news.. there are not other places i have that i would have all of those images :(

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