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By taz11
Never enough wrote:
taz11 wrote:True...I guess. If I charge money, I feel obligated to make it a great show.

In your mind was that a good show you put on??? I thought it was awesome and so did my family.

YES!! It was awesome! Best yet by far!

........Last year, I ended up with 1 member out of 14 entries :cry: . Fortunetly my Wife pulled an event saving move and pulled in about 8 kids from the local Moms club last minute. Very Lucky

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By Jornum1
You worry too much Taz, I didnt see one kid or adult not having a good time Sat. You are too hard on yourself!

Well I will have to play around and test some ideas. Time to have all my nieces and nephews over for some testing ;-) I have enough vehicles now for sure!

But I guess your probably right about the asphalt. Asking these guys to figure out how to countersteer and drift around a corner might be asking too much.

I have a nice dirt area as well.
By Never enough
wow one out of 14 is rough. I know things come up at the last minute but thats a lot of people not showing. I would be very ticked to put any effort in at all and have that many no show. Not much you can do about that I guess.
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By taz11
The kids can'd be surprised what they pick up! My son picked it up by himself :shock: You just have to make sure we had a huge clear area.......they slide for (what seems like) miles at 10mph!
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By Whitepup
Looked like a great time! Can't wait for the vids! Good Job Taz!
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By taz11
First video is up.......

No racin' yet, but you have to start off right! The first heat is lined up and ready to roll off :D :D :D
Unlimited heat 1
Modified heat 1
Modified heat 2
Modified feature
Unlimited feature
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By taz11

In the Modified feature...... Raters son earns the "hardest hit" award at 1:34

In the Modified heat 1...... My daughter waves on her way past, while lapping the 2nd place car at 1:47 LOL :lol: :lol:

Another note...... Hootie isn't dragging his feet on the store credits.......I keep forgetting to send him your emails :oops: :oops: .

They are home in my "pile". I'll try again tonight. I told you I was toast after that! :? :roll:
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Lol, great vids. Ouch! That was a hard hit, and that clicking noise wasn't good. :(
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By taz11
Whitepup wrote:Lol, great vids. Ouch! That was a hard hit, and that clicking noise wasn't good. :( yeah.... Think it lost a few teeth in the GB. It took a shot to the rear wheel and pop! It slowed a little but stayed moving. I haven't tore into it yet.

It's a good thing the wall is designed to move!
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By taz11
I got mine at TRU. It's a BMX bike helmet. Do a search using the Google search in the archived forums. There were some good threads on where to get helmets in the last few years.
Jornum1 wrote:That gets me thinking, where do you guys get your full face helmets from? He has a huge head and is in a youth bike hemet already. Watching that hit makes me want to get him a full face!
Below is a post from Chozian about a seller he found. I purchased two adult XS helmets for about $50 total shipped. The kids haven't worn them as much as their bike helmets (they are kind of heavy), but if the situation warrants it, I have them wear them.

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I ended up getting mine from Iron pony on ebay for $22 shipped. I measured and it fits perfect. It is a bit heavy to me and my son is young so it crosses my mind in hits like Raters son took that the extra weight could cause more injury. I still feel its safer than a bike helmet for the races.

Here is a link to the one I bought but it seems its $5 more now. They where really quick with the shipping and would buy from them again. ... 1360wt_939
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By taz11
My daughter took a hit like that in the spring......ripped the front axle halfway out of the Bratz car.

It probably looked worse that it was. I think fear is the main cause of the tears.....but I always worry about the teeth and jaw on the steering wheel or windshield frame. You might have noticed that my daughter is one short already after a run-in with a recliner foot rest as a baby.
Thanks guys, my guy is still small. He barely runs in high on the stock pw's for now. But I am just looking towards the future. Though the bucking of trying to get his short legs to push the gas pedal all the way down could induce a face plant even in low.
My real reason is he rides on my polaris with me in our back woods a lot. We dont ride fast at all, but sometimes the bumps throw him forward(we both like climbing over downed trees and such!). He always wears his bike helmet but I fear him smacking the tank sometimes when I can hold him. Just more piece of mind.

On another note, have any of you ever thought of a harness from a car seat on these machines for the heavily modified ones?
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By taz11
Jornum1 wrote:On another note, have any of you ever thought of a harness from a car seat on these machines for the heavily modified ones?

My Slammer has the whole car seat too :D . You don't want a full harness unless you have something over your head.

A roll-over would be real bad strapped into a seat with your head sticking up! :shock:

My daughters been upside down twice and my son did it once so it does happen. Play hard...crash hard :? :roll: !
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By taz11
hootienchyna wrote:should do some adult driven races next year. take the seats off a gator and the bed and theres plenty of room to sit.
escalades too

Adult race sponsor? :lol:
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By hootienchyna
taz11 wrote:I would like to extend a big "THANK YOU!" to Hootie and ......

for jumping on board and providing some participation gifts for our attendees.

my pleasure, and next year i plan on attending
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By taz11
hootienchyna wrote:and next year i plan on attending

RUTT ROW! :shock: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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By taz11
I finally got around to cleaning up the race cars after the meet.........

Anybody else have a handful of murdered earth worms plastered to your rides? :o :shock: :lol: :lol: :lol: DOH!
LOL My son wouldn't stop talking about all of them on the track. The entire last hour we where there all I heard was DAD DAD DAD LOOK!!! look at all the worms wwwwoooooowwwww. Thankfully I just hosed our cars down in the grass and had piles of mud fall off, didn't look close enough to notice an worms.

The bigfoot still stinks from the muddy ruts over by your tree even after being washed.
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By taz11
Never enough wrote:The bigfoot still stinks from the muddy ruts over by your tree even after being washed.

Smells like rotten apples? :? :lol: :lol: :lol:

That's the water hole that keeps eating my gearboxes :shock: . I'm working on a sealed gearbox for that :? :D
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By taz11
Here's another video from the unlimited feature.......from a different point of view :D . Maybe this is what the worm saw....... :shock: :o :? :roll:
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By AlexL
did someone say racetrack :?: :? :P :lol: ;) :ugeek:

well I got a "racetrack :roll:". (dont worry "work in progress" :roll: :lol: :P"
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By taz11
Flako wrote:ha! little girl in the pink PW on the first video is hauling arse...!! Very cool stuff.

Ha! That's m' girl! :lol: :D :D
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By taz11
aVWguy wrote:that red magica cruises along GREAT!!! .. howd ya do it????

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By taz11
I sent some video clips to my niece. She is pretty good with the video editing stuff.

So.... One more .....

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