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Post pictures and Vids of your modifications here.
Man I'm glad I found this site! Thanks to Taz for the new motor to drive the other rear wheel. My son got this Jeep for Christmas, and it's unrideable the way it comes. He already had a lil kawasaki that I threw a 12v batt in, and it runs great. Well, I had to fix his Jeep, bc he was so excited to have it. We got it all finished about an hour ago. Now it has dual drive wheels and rubber tires and the 12v batt from the lil Kawasaki. Check out my pics! What do ya think?


That was my first and favorite mod... harbor freight wheels and 12v in a super 6 f150 :mrgreen:
its harder (and more $$$) to get that big of an improvement on the bigger rides :shock:
p.s. get a few extra gearboxes... the combo of higher voltage and waaaaaaay better traction is hard on gears...
totally worth it though :twisted: :twisted:
Here are a couple vids. It really goes off road well now. I'm happy with it. But most of all he is ... 6971f8.mp4 ... 3e3bc1.mp4
Thank you all! Maybe a paint job and some lights next haha
how well do peg GBs hold up to these tires???
the constant changeing from warm to cold has caused a wheel on the magica to split and honestly this would look much better on it then the wide flat things that stick out past the body
redmanyj wrote:are you running the second motor in reverse (switched the polarity)?
Yes. It has to so the wheels spin the same way
I just added led head and tail lights. Check it out!

Haha I know. New decals and paint job are next
Cleaned up under the hood by using the stock "engine" battery cover. I trimmed it to fit between the 2 batteries to hide the wires

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