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By taz11
OH yeah!

I'll be watching............ Looks like Thursdays will not conflict with the 1/4 midgets so I will (time allowing) be attending. I hope I can get the kids to drive slow again....... :P :? :roll:
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By aVWguy
how are these events planned??
how do they work?? lol
i want to start holding them localy (possibly behind the middleschool in the summer)
would have on and off road races, oval track, drag ALL OF THE FUN STUFF!!!
and mabey bpro sized tractor pulls too
and some pedal power events too
By Someday I Suppose
Hey guys, new here but from Stanhope, my wife and I are hoping to take our 4 yr old daughter to the races this year with her PW Mustang, looks like it will be a good time. Does anyone know, I read that last year they had mixed voltages and such, have they changed that at all? Mostly as I am planning to bump her to 18 volts this winter and want to be sure she will still be able to race and have fun.
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By taz11
Last year they had to be stock. I have not heard any specifics for this year yet.

Last year the cars were grouped by driver age. Hope fully they will divide them by voltage this year. As far as I know, they will still require stock vehicles.

As stock vehicles go...the mustang is a good choice. They seem to be a touch faster right out of the box.
By Someday I Suppose
Taz, thanks for the info, on stock they just wanted to make sure they were stock batteries yes, or did the harness, etc. need to be stock as well? Just trying to figure out if I should hold off on upgrading the power to 18V or if swapping the battery in and out was acceptable to them.

Thanks again
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By taz11
Stock volts.....Its a speed/safety thing. I used SLA batteries with no problem. They never looked, just asked.

Did you see the thread from last years event? check it out.
By Someday I Suppose
TAz, I did see the thread from last year, its how we found out about it lol, Mt. Olive is one town away and I find out about it through a power wheels forum, love it.
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By taz11
I checked the link this morning, registration link is up. $25 to enter all 4 events.

"Stock 4 wheeled vehicles only"
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By ms1120
How are you supposed to start at the back and win if there are more qualified drivers in front and everyone is stock? I like the idea of them getting everyone out there but it's like watching a restrictor plate race.
By Never enough
taz11 wrote:I checked the link this morning, registration link is up. $25 to enter all 4 events.

"Stock 4 wheeled vehicles only"
so much for the power wheels powered unicycle, guess I will have to make sure the 24v quad is ready to roll instead.

I still don't see anywhere to sign up for this. Its not listed on the drop down menu to register. I know its in May but I am getting impatient :D
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By taz11
I think it is under "special events" or something like that.
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By taz11
I recieved this via email......

Hello to All:

Power Wheel Race Series
Sponsored by: DTA Automative

Mt. Olive Recreation is hosting its 3rd Annual Power Wheels Race Series. We would like to invite you to take part in this fun an exciting four week event. It is for ages 3 – 8 year olds and will be held on consecutive Thursdays (Friday rain dates) starting May 10th, 17, 24, 31 at 5:30 pm at Turkey Brook Park, Soccer parking lot. The cost of the four week event is $25 per child. The last day, May 31st will be the Grand Prix, Prizes and awards will be given out that night. Four wheeled stock vehicles ONLY. This year you will be ask to give us the voltage of the vehicle, 6 volt, 12 volt, 24 volt.

Register on our website at ... werwheels.
By Someday I Suppose
Taz, thanks for the updated post, looks like we still get to paint the stang, my 4yr old I think is really looking forward to adding her own paint touches... should be fun.
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By taz11
Just some additional updates:

I recieved this via email yesterday
The Power Wheels Race Series is in the works and I hope to see you there this year. The event is being held on May 10, 17, 24, 31, 2012. We took your suggestions from last year and we are dividing the categories by volt. The classes will go further, by age, if we get enough cars in each age group. We are also going to have a volunteer be assigned to a specific course every week to keep the time consistent.

I hope to see you there and if you have any other suggestion for us please let me know. I would love to hear from you regarding this event. Talk to you soon.

Thank you,

It looks like they are making a solid effort to improve the event. It sounds like the few issues that I saw last year are being corrected. Cool ;)
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By taz11
The latest update... ... _21_12.pdf (towards the bottom)

I wonder what "monster truck" is referring to????? :shock:

It looks like i'll be signing up shortly. Who else is signed up?
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By taz11
I'm in.

Both my kids are signed up for the 12v class. (24volt class applies to STOCK 24volt models...IE Peg, Razor, etc)

I will be there for the Thursday events. If they go to the Friday rain dates I will have to skip it to go "real racin'" :shock: :lol:
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By taz11
Forgot to mention... When signing up, select "special events 2012" from the drop down menu. That will take you to the proper page.
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By taz11
The rumor is that there will be a monster truck on display at the last event. No Idea which one.
By Never enough
I signed my son up for the 12v class, I kept going back and forth with the 24v class but I only have one 24 battery harness and I don't want to be stuck with one battery. Plus I doubt there would be any other 4 yr olds in the 24v class and would end up running with older kids.
By Someday I Suppose
Taz, our 4 yr old is signed up as well, and plan on making the Thursdays, I normally work in the city, but will work from our NJ offices on Thursdays for the month.

As for real racing? What do you race on Fridays?

Also, any suggestions in getting ready, I was wondering about replacing the battery, though mostly figure I can leave it fully stock and see how it goes, I'm sure she is going to have a blast no matter what.

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By taz11
Someday I Suppose wrote:
As for real racing? What do you race on Fridays?

Also, any suggestions in getting ready, I was wondering about replacing the battery, though mostly figure I can leave it fully stock and see how it goes, I'm sure she is going to have a blast no matter what.



Bring a spare battery just incase. You shouldn't need it....but better to be safe. Top them off on the charger before heading out to the park.
By Someday I Suppose
Taz, cool, I will pick up another battery thanks.

Very cool on the 1/4 Sprints as well. I keep telling my wife I want to get the girls into Jr. Dragster, she isn't so keen on that. Funny thing when I saw the spring thread at first I thought they were Micro Sprints like my adult buddy races down in Bridgeport, 600 CC, very fun stuff!

See you in May

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By taz11
I ran Bridgeport in a big car for years.....small world.
By Someday I Suppose
Taz, indeed. I grew up going to Flemington, I miss that place a bunch! Looking forward to meeting you next month at the races.

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By taz11
That was a great place....nothing else like it. Sometimes I hate progress :cry:

My dad ran at Flemington in the 80s. I ran there from 1990 until the end.
By Someday I Suppose
Taz, small world for sure, I probably saw both of you run then. We went down a bunch from around 88 to the early 90s, last event I remember seeing there was when they brought the Outlaws to town. I don't remember how many laps the feature was, but recall there not being a single caution in it. After a few laps it was just a big dust bowl, but cool as heck.
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By taz11
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By Never enough
Um yeah well it is for us er um them. :)

I have been ticked because I have torn down his truck to the bones and replaced, cleaned and rebuilt stuff and he has no interest in driving it to test it out. Doesn't help its now raining out but we need to get some testing in to make sure there are no bugs.

Taz you still interested in the driveway racer? I got them both running and I am not sure if he is going to drive that or the jeep.
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By taz11
The plan is to bring the Gauchos....... If we can't be competative with those I will upgrade to the DR for next week. If that happens...Yes, very interested. Sound like a plan?

....still have to dig mine out. They are still covered in mud from the last race event. :oops: :oops: :oops:

I've been thrashing all week to get the QMs turned around for Friday night.

My racing experience has taught me...Its better to slowly "walk" away from the competition than to run circles around them......that tends to P1$$ them off.
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By Never enough
I was going to see what the other kids bring. I wanted him to race the driveway racer but I figured in the 4yr old class it would kind of ruin it if he was too fast.

This is way late but what do they consider stock? stock out of the box or a mix match of stock parts?

Right now my apache is doing laps crazy fast and about 6-7 seconds faster than any gaucho I own. All stock peg perego 12 volt parts.
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By taz11
Out of the box stock is the idea....within reason. They really don't know what they are looking at. Aftermarket batteries are fine as long as its the same voltage.

Like I said...slowly walking away is a good thing. Flying away is a attention getter. I got alot of attention last year.....but I had no choice...I had to beat a 24 volt car!
By Never enough
Unless there is a need for the faster truck I am just going to race the slower gaucho. I doubt there will be many faster trucks in the 4 yr old class. I just want him to have fun and not pee all over everyone like he will if they have pw.

24 hours to go and I can't wait. Trucks are race ready, batteries are charging, toolbox is filled with the necessary tools-prybars and hammers.
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By taz11
Yup....same here. I going just like last year. Completely stock and legal. If we end up in an impossible situation (like last year) we will return for week 2,3,and 4............with whatever race trim is needed.

I don't mind loosing.......just don't want to be peein' up wind. your gearboxes in the truck.

Anyone else attending that needs parts?
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By Never enough
the apache is going 324ft in 33.59 sec for 6.5mph
My fastest gaucho is going 324 in 38.74 sec for 5.7mph. These are the avg times.

It doesn't seem that fast when looking at the numbers.
By Someday I Suppose
I was even concerned about doing decals and such on the car, we did, all Hello Kitty pimped out. Other then that we are fully stock, I figure if she can't compete at all then I'll talk to you good fellows on what we can do for next week :-)

See you in a few.

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By taz11
Just a few quick notes for now.

We had a fun evening as expected. The organizers are getting it together more and more. It was nice to see a couple fellow MPW member there :D

Hoping for some in-car video from SomedayI..... ;) :D :D

Results should be posted on MT Olive rec' Facebook page between :D

The oval track scoring may need some work yet........Looks like they nailed everything else.
It was a great time and my kids had fun. I could be there all day watching these races. I didn't get many pictures since I was trying to keep my son pointed in the right direction. Not sure if it was his helmet or selective hearing but he was having trouble hearing the directions.

I am pretty sure I ruined some kids pw experience forever. The kid was racing a 6v john deere power pull and he got upset when he was so much slower than everyone else. The kid was a wreck and I offered him my spare gaucho. Some reason everyone was amazed I had an extra truck but you only have an hour and if something breaks my kid would still run while I fix the other one, seemed logical to me :? . The kid loved the truck and didn't want to get out at the end. Good luck to his parents that wanted to get him one by next week.

Sorry I didn't get to talk with you someday, I was overwhelmed by watching everything.

Again not many pictures this week, I hope to get some video next time.

The big race was cool, one lap and all 4 gauchos where in the very back of the pack, at the end of the one lap all 4 where in the top 7. Not bad out of 25 plus cars
My son racing against his own truck
mtrace.jpg (451.78 KiB) Viewed 6758 times
mtrace1.jpg (196.89 KiB) Viewed 6758 times
mtrace2.jpg (189.89 KiB) Viewed 6758 times
walking the track
mtrace3.jpg (185.44 KiB) Viewed 6758 times
The big race
mtrace4.jpg (168.78 KiB) Viewed 6758 times
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Never Enough, no worries, have to say hello next week, we had a blast as well, lots of fun, and just happy as could be that Sydney did good and didnt have any meltdowns. The smile on her face was priceless.

On the Gaucho, they are fast for sure, the kid with the 6V John Deere raced just before Sydney, I guess his mom put him down as 12 volts so they had him in the wrong group. They were trying to tell the parents they would still score him in the 6V group, but hard to explain that to a little kid when he is getting his behind spanked like that. Very cool and big of you to offer your other Guacho!!!

As for some video, I just got a couple clips onto Vimeo last night, the first is Sydney in her first drag race, I asked her this morning where she got the idea to throw her first in the air in victory at the end, she didnt know.

(not sure if this embed code will work or not) link

<iframe src="" width="500" height="281" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe>

this was in her race, I was a proud daddy when she dove into turn 3 and 4 on the first lap, going door to door.
Link :

Embed Code

<iframe src="" width="500" height="281" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe>

I'll try to get video from the big race up tonight, though Sydney started in the back, I know at one point she cut someone off and had the car crossed up pretty good which should make for good footage.

I have a second go pro I'll bring next week as well, if either of you want to put it on your cars and get some video, just let me know!
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By taz11
CooL....Good stuff you got there! I love the second one......That's Never Enough's son going by on the inside #14 and his loaned out ride #15 on the outside.

Two thumbs up to NE for loaning out his spare ride to a kid in need! Thats what it's all about.....Great example to be setting!
So glad he got to race, I felt really bad when it happened, I was a little surprised they couldn't move him to a 6V group when they realized the problem.

Those Guagho's are quick though... lol I just lost an hour looking at gear information and motor swaps, but think I should keep her stock for now, especially since there is another Mustang that she was already faster then, weight I think, or better charge on the battery?

We may have to try to find something else for next year though... My wife is right, I am having more fun then the kids, but only by a little.
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By taz11
The best way to win "legally" is to know your vehicles.......Learn what is fastest out of the box...and find one.

Watch the other vehicles and take note. Your Mustang is near the top of the list.

My group has two 24volt rides. They are racing together because there where not enough entries to make a seperate group.....but they are being scored its all good. Just hard to explain that to a 5 yr old :?

Think of it as Baja type racing...many classes on the course at one time.
I love that camera. I thought you had it set up to show her view like nascar but I love seeing her reaction to winning and seeing where she is looking. That was a great idea. What type of camera was that?

As for loaning out the truck.....who wouldn't. I had to hear thank yous from everyone all night but really we where there for the kids. I would bring more if other kids needed them next week. Like I told the dad we are there to have a good time, no one was using the truck let you kid have a good time, if it breaks it breaks, I have spares.

He was lined up next to me at the start and the parents did make the mistake and sign him up for 12v class but they were told they would be scored for the 6v class and the kid and parents were happy with it. That is until the drag race and the 12v took off.

A better person would have sold them the gaucho when they asked but I am greedy and I need 5 for my 2 kids and said no. I did give them my contact info and I told them I would keep bringing it for him. Maybe switch it up for him and bring something different every week
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By taz11
There is an almost mint Grande on Central Jersey Craigslist for $300 with new battery. If you have their contact info....might want to pass it along. Probably the only one they are gonna find in a week.
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By taz11
I have a email in to the Mt Olive rec organizers. I may potentially be the new flagger/race director for the oval course. That will allow the other volunteers to concentrate on timing. They looked a little overwelmed yesterday.

Awaiting their decision
Taz, better organized scoring on the oval would be great, even on the dragstrip I think they only had one stop watch. I'm not going to take it too seriously though, as long as they are having fun. On our oval race it ended and then I think started again, I was very confused, but the kids didn't seem to mind.

Never Enough, hmmmm let me know if your kids start to outgrow one of those ;-) As for the camera, its a Go-Pro HD, they are pretty cool little cameras, there is no view finder or anything like that, you just line it up as best you can and let it go. It will shoot about 4 hours on an empty 16 gig memory card, so I just turned it on and let it run and then pulled some clips off it in the computer. I'll bring the other one next week, you can mount it either with the suction cup mount, or there is also a small inch or so pad with 3M adhesive on it that I used on her car, the arm of the camera then just snaps into it.
I still can't get enough of that fist bump at the end of your daughters run :lol: . Those cameras are a little pricey, I was getting carried away thinking how cool would it be to get different angles then reality set in. I have tried mounting a camera on the hood but it was just to shaky to see anything.

I think flags would be very important taz more so to keep me from telling my kid to keep going at the end of the race and have half of the field follow him.

The end of the big race was great, I loved how it was a free for all and kids were going in all directions and aimlessly following the car in front of them.

As for the gauchos tazs kids will be out growing them way before my kids. I am closing in on my limit though since my 12x20 shed is full of ride ons.

Your mustang is fast, I wouldn't touch it unless someone else just happens to get faster during the week. Your car was always passing and hard to catch.
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Hmmm good point on Taz's kids moving up to those quarter midgets...

On the cameras I was very fortunate I got one as a gift about two years ago, and then a co-worker of mine was in Best Buy and they were selling an open box return for $100, so he bought it only to realize it didn't really fit his needs, so I jumped on that one. They can be a bunch of fun though, there is a helmet strap and a bunch of other mounting options, I took ours snow tubing the first year we got it.

Anyhow, a little more video, this one isn't as interesting as she started in the last row, I love the 'time to go' though and then getting a bit crossed up.

Taz, how did the kids do last night?

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