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Have a good/bad experience with a seller or buyer? Post it here. Not a bash session, see inside for guidelines.
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By hootienchyna
big thanks to Rob for doing a huge favor picking up an item and shipping part of it to me. i was unable to make it to the pickup due to health reasons and Rob came thru for me.

thank you

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By taz11
No poblem.

Hootie forgot to mention that I got to keep the rest of it! Sounds like a good deal to me. :D
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By hypo21
Yes, I agree, Taz is great to work with. I have the privilege of living about 20 minutes away. I was there this last weekend and we had a great trade and purchase transaction. He is beyond fair and extremely helpful. Taz is a true asset to the community and has a lot to offer. If anyone ever deals with him, please do so with confidence. a truly stand up guy!
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Great to deal with :D
Taz has fast communication skills I barely asked a question & already had a reply :shock:

got the item thanks Taz
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By taz11
AUSSIE DARREN wrote: Taz has fast communication skills I barely asked a question & already had a reply :shock:

You got lucky.........I usually check pms once or twice a day :oops: :lol:

Glad I could help.
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By sea_stork
Got my item fast and well packaged. Thanks Taz!
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By sea_stork
Another great parts order, Taz even peeled off a couple of decals for me. Thanks Taz.
+1, pulled a motor/gearbox for me and sent it quickly. Very quick communication. Highly Recommended! Thanks!
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By bruces_eviltwin
got some jeep parts, im very satisfied
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By daveweber34
Fast shipper and shoots everyone straight.
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By sea_stork
Taz went above and beyond the call of duty to ship me a PW via greyhound. Taz is definitely the man!
By JeepsterSRT8
The BEST! Dealing with a newbe - from advice - to quality of used parts - to quality of workmanship - We are truly blessed to be dealing with him.
thanks again!
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By c54fun
Bought a pair of Tough loader tires from Tazz. AAAA++++ all the way. And thanks for the grip ;)
By Prokectelmo
Outstanding gentleman and a scholar. Taz has gone above and beyond to help my source parts for my Jeep. Even built a couple of adjustable steering bars to fix the front sag issue.
By FarmerBill
Got my stuff.

Good price, Fast shipping, Well packaged.

The only problem is... Taz's parts are in great condition.

Makes the stuff I didn't replace look even worse :shock:
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By Battman2036
Gonna jump on this bandwagon. Taz found me the parts i needed and had them shipped. Paid on Friday and got them today. Cheaper (with shipping) than getting them anywhere else. Thanks again.
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By toycrusher
+1 for Taz. Maybe +100, he's got all kinds of oddball stuff that oddball people find themselves needing...
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By taz11
Thanks for all the positive words guys!

I always do my best.

Lately my best has been slacking some. The kids are growing and are moving on to other things. This is taking time away from my parts sales time. All things must come to an end. I have lots of stuff that I will be slowly selling off (or giving away) as time allows.
I have removed most of my adds for now since I don't have the time to properly pack them and ship them in a timely manor. I will post new ones (few at a time) as time allows.

I want to take this time to thank everyone that has purchased from me in the past. There will be some changes coming along that may allow me to keep the parts available (and maybe more). Details will come at a later time.

Thank you!
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By bruces_eviltwin
once again taz has gotten me what I need, he took the time out of his busy schedule to get me the parts I had to have
By harvey52
Taz, exactly what I needed, and shipped lightning fast! Thanks a bunch!
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By bruces_eviltwin
speedy service yet again! thanks
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By sall
Two orders from Taz in my short time here on the forum and nothing but stellar communication and quick shipping. Thanks again!
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By BigBlock
I purchased a Jeep hoodlatch from taz11 last week.. Shipped and received very fast. And very reasonable on price and shipping.. Thanks taz.
By wildman22john
Another +1 for Taz, hooked me up with motors, gear boxes, tires and all the hardware to install.

He even cleaned off the old solder off the motors, didn't expect such great care.

Thanks Taz!
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