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By taz11
Got a reply today.....they are looking into it but I'm unsure of the final outcome.

Scoring issue is apparently a glitch in the speadsheet somewhere...... (I could do it on paper faster than it will take them to find the glitch! :evil: ) GRRR

Anyway...progress :roll:

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By taz11
I've been told that they will run it in the rain as long as there is no lightning and thunder.....cross your fingers.
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By taz11
Never enough wrote::cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: There are so few things I look forward to :cry:

Its so nice and sunny here :cry:

I'm guessing you got that email too :? :cry: :cry:...... Rained out... :cry: :cry:

Not rescheduled for FRI....... :D :D :D Yeah, I don't have to miss it!
its rough telling my kid we are rained out when its hot and sunny here. He was set to go, he made sure he had to wear his racing socks and underwear today. :lol:

I guess I gotta make sure they are washed for next week.
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By taz11
UPDATE... I was a little bummed too...since the sun is out and shining...

I just checked the radar to evaluate their call.....

HOLEY K-RAP!!! Batten down the hatches!...Looks like we are about to get slammed!
Your daughter is just too much. I can't stop laughing at how cute she is. She barely has her hands on the wheel but has control over where she was going.

That camera angle looked like it was from nascar, it was pretty cool in a few spots where the cars where getting together on the big race.

It was a ton of fun racing this series and my kids can't wait to both race next year. I hope they get the scoring a bit more under control.

Thanks for the camera again Someday. I know we will have our own next year, everyone I show the video to tells me to buy one but no one is willing to front the cash for it :lol:
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By taz11
Wahoo! Great time. Sorry I had to bail but I had 2 quarter midgets to assemble and load up. Just heading in now. Great speed shots from the driveway racer! Someday....I think Sidney was clapping more than the spectators :lol: :lol: :lol:

Congrats on an all MPW top 3....

1) James... Taz
2)Charlene... Taz
3) Matthew... Never enough

I believe Sidney was 5th or I close? Not bad out of.....roughly 20 or so 12 volt rides.....and one 18 :evil: :evil: :?

The monster truck was a cool touch too...anybody get pics?
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I loved the camera angle on the driveway racer. From Sydney's camera it was pretty funny you would hear the motor of the driveway racer and then see this floating helmet appear.

Did you watch it to the end when the ATV bumps him? lol. I think that is the kid that my wife knows his mom, so we will have to give her a hard time about it ;-).

NE, thanks on Sydney, she is a trip for sure, started to clap as soon as the race started. I was most proud though that when Matthew blew past her she kept smiling, I was a little concerned that she was going to whine. Instead it was my wife who was like we need to get one of those lol.

Taz, Sydney was close to that, maybe 7th or 8th, not totally sure. One of the top non Gaucho's though which is cool, I think the kid with the other Mustang beat her and of course that raptor.

All in all a really great time!

Good luck tonight to James and Charlene
By Never enough
I am glad the DR was not an issue. I saw him pass sydney when she was having a good time and she looked at it like what was that and then went back to clapping.

Again I only ran that car to keep the cheater out of the top 3, if the officials would have dropped the kid to last in the points I would have put the car back and driven the apache.

I still like how the parents where ticked off that they didn't win and questioned the points even though they were cheating :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

My kid will only get better and I will bring gauchos for other kids next year to keep the cheater from getting in the top 3 again.

Anyway here are a few pictures
The pits
DSCN3748-small.jpg (148.14 KiB) Viewed 3032 times
walking the track
DSCN3755-small.jpg (151.49 KiB) Viewed 3032 times
I love this one
DSCN3762-small.jpg (135.88 KiB) Viewed 3032 times
This is the best picture IMO. You can't tell from this reduced pic but both kids are smiling at each other
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By Never enough
The monster truck
DSCN3768-small.jpg (112.88 KiB) Viewed 3031 times
the line up for the big race
DSCN3775-small.jpg (142.07 KiB) Viewed 3031 times
DSCN3778-small.jpg (164.52 KiB) Viewed 3031 times
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By madmaxdecals
Looks like a great time!
By Someday I Suppose
I missed the cheaters parents being pissed off, lol glad I did I think. Over-all there wasnt as much of it as I expected, a few power bands or some duct tape on wheels, but that was most of what it. Most of the kids had a great time which is what its all about.

A few more photos!

Sydney took off the sunglasses for the obstacle course, getting serious.
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By Someday I Suppose
this one keeps getting cut off full size for some reason

Never Enoughs son in the obstacle course


Sydney wins her first medal ever


Never Enough's Son getting his prize


And out of focus, but love this one of Taz's daughter after getting her trophy


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