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By taz11
Hmmmm....James was just asking about that last week.
By Never enough
We are definitely going. As hectic as everything is now a days it would be a blast to do this again.

Only issue is working nights I would need to take off to go. How do I tell them, yes I am not coming to work every Thursday in May so we can go race little battery operated kids cars. :lol:

At least this year my truck now has DVD players so the hour ride out there will be peaceful :D. The ride home is a breeze since everyone is passed out.
By Someday I Suppose
We are going to do it again this year as well. Will try to get Charley in the Bigfoot 6V truck, are super 6 allowed in 6V?

We will miss at least one week though, heading back to Orlando the first week in May.

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By taz11
This seems to have dropped from the schedule...... :shock: Am I missing it somewhere?
By Someday I Suppose
Taz, I can't find it on the website, but they posted it on Face Book on March 6th.

Looks like they are adding a 4th course this year, bumper ball.... Which should be fun. You should talk to them about making the obstical course a real obstical course <G>

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By taz11
Just received this..... ... _2013..pdf

Registration open!
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Sydney is signed up for 12V and Charley is signed up for 6V with the Bigfoot :-)

Still going to miss week two, and now it looks like I am going to be in Boston the Wednesday before and part of the Thursday of the final week. Going to try like heck to get back home in time to see the girls race that night and be there for the awards and such.

Geez I cut this close. Busted the laptop and waited to get one, picked up a Hero 3 also so this should be fun. I gotta get the kids signed up for this today, we have been talking about this for a while and can't miss this.

I have one day to get my cars up and running so there better be no problems after I dig them out. I was thinking this started in May. I gotta get my real truck registered also. So much to do but I can't wait to go.
Yeah, same boat here. I registered on Friday. The cars are still on the shelf and I have two weeks of other stuff to get done in the next 3 days!
Sooooooo...9:30 the night before they finally come down off the shelf. Two speeds forward and one reverse......PHEW! Batteries on the charger and off to bed.

I should have 15 minutes tomorrow to toss them in the truck before we have to head out....... :roll: :? :shock: PREPARED?????
You guys need to get on the stick!!! Looking forward to tonight, should be fun to see Charley try to race this year. NE, awesome on the Hero3, I have mine HD's on charge now and should be ready to go. The girls are excited, thats the best part!

Civiey, I totally agree on why a Thursday night. Its early enough for the kids, but makes it tough to get there. I am in NYC 90% of the time, but am fortunate to be able to work from NJ here. Totally agree though Saturdays around 4:00 would be great!!
Times are up from last night... this year they arent showing positions, just times which I think is better, though still some questionable timing. I think my 3yr old will be excited to see that she 'beat' her big sister in the obstacle course...

Working on some vids now
I see some questionable times in the obstacle course. Those 18s and 19s are almost as fast as the drag strip times.... :? :? :?

They have Charlene in 22nd in the obstacle course????????? whats up widat? stop watch hickup? Oh well, they had fun anyway :)

Looks like Team Taz has 1st and 2nd in the oval and 1st and 3rd in the drags.

What??? no video of the tangle? :(
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Taz I was wondering which were your numbers again. Lol on the tangle, I didn't post it, with the camera on Sydney you don't see much other then the camera flying through the air.

On the obstacle course the funny thing for me is the 6V cars showing faster then most of the 12V.

Did they have any 24V this year?

And yes on fun, thats what matters most. Really wish they would do something more like you did, just set up a big road course and an oval and let the kids race.
Yes on the 24v, there were 2 RZRs and a Razor quad.

I think its pretty darn cool that we beat them with a 12 volt jeep! They have younger riders so I'm sure that is playing a big part in it.

Charlene is 26 and James is 30.

What other numbers does MPW have? 15 and?????? Never Enough? I saw his youngest on the peg quad in your video.
I totally have to get more prepared for this week. We were late getting there since I have to wait for my wife to get home and I had to run out of there to race back home to go to work. I still have to get out the scores but Abby is #6 and Matt is #19.

I had a brand new peg battery that was fully charged and would not work in my daughters quad so I used a spare battery I tossed in the truck. Well the spare died after the oval for her and I was running around swapping the same battery back and forth.

Still trying to figure out the go pro, the sound is awful since its in the waterproof housing but I have no other mounts just yet plus I hit the remote and stopped recording in the one race by accident.

I have to go back to work now but hopefully I can get another video downloaded tonight. He started dead last.
Great video NE.

Do you have the non waterproof back for it? I have a few different arms and such as well, but think you had it mounted in a good location. I like seeing the kids faces but on the Gaucho that might be the best place for it.

Apparently a few of the moms were asking why Sydney (#15) has these cool girly cars and Charley (#4) has a black big foot truck. So.... I spent the last hour pulling apart that Barbie Sport Mobile lol... Not sure I will have it together this week, but by the last two races should have it ready to go.

Anyone know where I can get some replacement 6V motors? These run but the wire is rusted onto the tab and the tab is ready to pull off the motor...

Put a Monster High sticker on it and run the truck! Don't let the "Moms" push you around! :lol: :lol: :lol:

I might have some motors left, gotta check.
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I would put a single pink flower on the hood and call it done lol.

I do have that backing plate, I wasn't sure if it would make a huge difference in the sound level. I really liked watching the kids faces while driving but I can't figure out a better location either. I don't care for the straight ahead view. I was thinking of a helmet cam so I can see what he is looking at. It might be interesting. I strapped it to his head for an Easter egg hunt and it was really cool.

Here is the drag race.

The helmet cam would be funny, since he has a real helmet it might work too. I tried it once with Syd's bike helmet and it just pulled the helmet off to the side.

The backing plate will make a huge difference for sure. They say on a car at around 130 the wind noise starts to become too much (on the HD at least) but up to that you should be fine with the open back and it will make a big difference.

On the quad for Charley too funny on the Monster High stickers, I might still have to do that. The barbie is totally apart now, so will see if I can get it cleaned up and even some paint on it today. Taz, thanks on the motors, let me know.
Well we tested the helmet cam today and it worked great. Its funny to see his point of view, it seems like he is looking at the ground a lot which would explain why he runs into so much stuff. Also swapped out the back plate and it does make a huge difference. I was able to hear me yell at him from across the yard and him talking to himself clearly.

I don't understand how he got the times he did since that truck is fast but whatever. I just hope it doesn't rain this Thursday.
NE, on the times I was just looking at that, I try not to let it bug me, but yea his obstacle time is almost as fast as his drag time. The oval time he is 20+ seconds behind Sydney which makes no sense to me at all.

We should try to put them side by side next week in the drag race, at least we know speed wise they should be similar. I felt a bit guilty when the kid Sydney raced left the line a second before her and lost by 2. lol
You guys should volunteer to help score the oval race. When cars start to get lapped it blows their mind! they don't know what to do. I suspect Matt got timed on his forth lap! :evil:

Walk up to the scoring group and say something like "Hey, I used to do this, you need another of eyes, I can help"

Bring pen and paper. Put the car names down the left side ("digger" or "red jeep"will be easier to Id than the number you can't read).

Put lap 1 , 2 and 3 across the top. As the cars come by check off lap 1 , then lap 2 , write the times for lap 3. The check marks will let you know who is on lap 3 and who is not.

After, go and match car numbers to you "names"

Its worth the effort........for all the kids to get the proper reward for their efforts.

In my group, the last two cars would have been scored on their second lap. They knew James was leading so when he went by they timed everyone behind him in order...including two lapped cars. I showed them my sheet and corrected the error.
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I plan on it this week. It seemed like they had it under control and they had help. I did not want to get in the way if they had a plan. It seems they need all the help can get.

I am competitive but I am really ok with just going out and having fun. The problem is they are keeping score and its hard not to see where they stand. I know its a kids event and most of the kids can't drive but I still need to see the scores if they are going to keep track.

What do you do about the other tracks?

My sons time as per the video for the drag is 14.81 sec, they gave him 18.01 sec.
the oval by my timing is 1.46 sec. they timed him at 2.12
The obstacle course was right at 18.01.

I know its a kids event but do away with the scores and just have fun. The need to get a christmas tree and lap timers like they do for RC cars :lol: Make it professional. :D
lol transponders for power wheels :-)

Taz, you are of course right we should offer to help, but man I love running around and watching the kids race as well. At the end of the day I tend to agree with NE, if your can't accurately score it, then don't. I think most of the kids would have just as much fun doing a couple of 5 lap oval races and a couple road courses.
Yup...agreed. Two big courses and turn them loose!

I'm lucky enough to have both kids in the same group this year........Wooppie! :lol: 8-)

It looks like they ditched the point system too.....BOOOO :(

They raved about it last year...... :? :? :? You can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink....I give up.

I'll run my show....and let them run theirs :|
Taz, that's it at the end of the day to heck with the point and such let the kids have fun. Last year I was all focused about trying to get Sydney up front and how she did, this year trying to be much more relaxed about it. Let her start in the back and have to drive more :-) Of course last week that didn't work out to well as I was thinking drive, she was thinking drive over lol.

Right now both girls are home sick, their cousin spent the night Saturday and has strep, so.... Jen is filling their perscriptions now but looks like we might be a scratch tomorrow night.
Strep stinks......

I had it a little over a month ago.... then my wife had it.....then I had it again :roll: :evil:

The kids didn't get it....but I'm sure they brought it home for us :evil:

The good news is.... After 24 hrs of antibiotics you feel better and are not least, thats what they told me.
Bummer.....hope they feel better.

Opinions since you get to miss all the fun.

It only took until week 2 for some DB to cheat. There was a 12volt car running an easy 18 volts.


1) Turn them in..(if they even care?)
2) Bring the Driveway Racer that will beat them legally
3) say "screw it"...If you can't beat them, join them.

I'm leaning towards #2, but I really like running the Gaucho.
I am still torn between the choices. I would rather his times just not count this week and leave it at that but if they don't do anything I am not going to let that kid take home an award. I will bring the driveway racer with me and see how it goes. I don't want my kid flying by all the other kids you are playing fair because it sucks for those kids to get lapped.

Is this the same kid that was cheating last year and the parents were ticked off they didn't win anything?

I am very ticked about it.

I just got home from work and I set the videos up to download on youtube so I hope they are done when I get up.
Man that sucks on the cheating, I already feel a bit guilty showing up with the Gaucho as its so much faster then most of the other cars. I would maybe try giving the Mt. Olive folks a call and during the week and seeing if they care or not, and to what degree.

Beyond that on the 15th when I am back the three of us could always walk over to him and say wow that car really is fast, what are you running an extra battery and give him a trip about the fine example he is setting for his kid.
Well they don't feel guilty about being twice as fast as the fastest trucks. The kid said to my group my daddy put two batteries in my truck and no one said anything. After the drag race I said to the officials that his truck is not 12 volts and they agreed. Never said if anything will happen but maybe they need time to think about it.

The parents thought it was great he was so fast so talking to them about setting examples.....well I am sure it will fall on deaf ears with them. They will understand when I beat their kid no matter what they do.

The video on the helmet is a little hard to watch with my son looking around so much. Hopefully you tube fixes the shakes enough so its watchable.
Here is the drag race. Matthew was off the line first and was a truck length ahead.....yeah he is 12 volts. :roll:

Here is the big race at the end that everyone was in. This was not scored.


Here is the obstacle course


The video of the oval course

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Great video!

This also explains the wide range of times in the obstacle course..... They timed us at the 2nd line. We had to run an extra 8 feet :shock: :evil:
Email sent to MT Olive rec. Their response will directly effect what I bring next week.
A couple pics from the mayor's Facebook page ... =1&theater
The response reads "Thank you , I will look into it"

Hard to tell what that actually means.

Seems like I might have to bring both and unload late......after I see the results of "looking into it"

I feel that, although it's legal, the Driveway racer is an unfair advantage....unless its absolutely needed...IE keeping the DB from winning at all costs.

I feel bad for the kid....but if mom and dad aren't going to teach the right lessons....I will..... Cheating doesn't pay

In Nascar that would cost him $250,000 and 50 points :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Just posted the oval track. Not sure what you tube does to the videos to stop the shaking but they distort the video a lot.

That response does not sound good. That kid is not taking a trophy away from another kid that is legal. I really feel the gauchos are very unfair. Look at how much faster they are but since there are 4 others there I don't feel to bad. At least not as bad as I did last year when we ran one of the slower gauchos in the fleet. The driveway racer will be in the truck next week along with the gaucho. If the kids car is still hot I will use the driveway racer with no problem.

This guy is not getting a trophy without a huge display DBness by me. Everyone runs stock and keep it that way, I would have no issue with running a power wheel and not the gaucho. This is suppose to be fun for everyone.
Does your son talk to himself often? :lol: That's priceless right there!

This whole deal gets more pathetic when you realize that you beat the vehicle in question because he was too busy fishtailing and pushing the cars in front of him.

Not sure how they are scoring this without the points system.....the shortest time would give an advantage to those that miss a night.

SOMEDAY...YOUR IN! :lol: :lol: :lol:

I tossed together a finish sheet with points for my (and your) amusement. I will post shortly.
Here is my version of the finish. I have not broken it down by voltage classes yet. This is overall. Added the 3 scores together for the totals.

Obviously we can't fix bad timing at this point.

2013 results 1.JPG
2013 results 1.JPG (45.54 KiB) Viewed 7298 times
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