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If you have a cheap supplier for motors, batteries, or anything that is of use for a scooter or E.V. (BPRO) list it here for all to enjoy!
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By joeyz400
This site is great!!!! I ordered 3 - 9" LED Strips and they were shipped from here in the US, I recieved them in 4 days with free shipping. I got to say they are good quality, flexable and waterproof.
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I ordered from these guys, great prices and free shipping, located in US. Got the order pretty quickly.
Problem was half of it was wrong and I've been e-mailing them for better than a week with no response yet. They have some kind of a "order complaint/correction" process that is virtually impossible to navigate, so that's of no use. Guess it's to the phone on Monday.
I'll let you know how it turns out.
Unfortunately I've gotten no where with these Jokers. It's been 3 weeks. So, I guess I'm out a good chunk of the $40 that I spent. I have already ordered the things they screwed up from another vendor so that I can move forward with the build.
I certainly would not recommend this Company to others. It looked Great with Free shipping and not 3 weeks from China, but you may as well order from China rather than throwing your cash away!
I should be good now. I have the last LED glow light coming in this week as they sent me 1 red & 1 blue when I ordered 2 blue. I ordered some of the big 3w LEDs from them for head lights and they delivered the AC and not the DC. So I went with the Harbor Freight lights like all of our other cars, just thought I'd try something different this time. It just pisses me off that they literally got one line item correct out of $40, not a good deal! I have the most expensive turn signal bulbs on the Forum now :)

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