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Have you added running lights? Headlamps? Perhaps some spinners?
This is my first Power Wheels modification effort. I still have plans to add a few more mods, but this will do for now. I still have the top speed locked out until my 3 year old gets a little more comfortable with driving. So no 18v mod anytime too soon.

This was going to be another How-To Power Wheels video. But after seeing how well the unveiling of a 3 year old's birthday present went, I edited out much of the How-To section with the hope more views would watch all the way through.

Please let me know what you think.

I’ve had several questions asked regarding the parts that I used in this modification. I hope this answers most of them.

Here is a list of light I purchased for this Power Wheels modification. Some of the links have changed since I purchased mainly because many of the suppliers on eBay out of China. Total spent was $35.00 plus I still have eight LED Eagle Eyes left over for other projects.

12v Red Blue LED Eagle Eye. There are very few Red/Blue strobe lights to choose from online, this one worked well due to its small size. ... 2u&vxp=mtr

4.5W LED Eagle Eye. Pack of 10 for future modifications. These were a great tight fit and the chrome bezel matches light very well. We have done some night driving and these provided ample light for the sidewalk. ... 9E&vxp=mtr
$15.99 (2 of 10 for $3.20)

9W LED Eagle Eye. Not used because I didn’t want to run the battery down too quickly, but a good option for extra light. ... Cl&vxp=mtr

2x White LED Motorcycle Motorbike Car License Plate. This link is to the 0.5W version. The 1W version is $0.22 more and after seeing the results of the 0.5W I would highly recommend going with 1W. In twilight the 0.5W is visible but not obviously lite. ... gG&vxp=mtr

12V 35A Universal Car Fog Light Rocker Switch LED Dash Dashboard 4Pin. Most any switch will work, but these were an easy and clean install. The price has recently decreased to $4.46 ... OX&vxp=mtr
Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. It's pretty tough to beat the reaction you get from a new Power Wheels car. As much time as I put into the mods they made no difference to his reaction. He had no idea I added the lights or even that lights weren't part of a stock Power Wheels.

I would highly recommend adding the headlights to any Power Wheels. They add a great deal of functionality and safety to the vehicle. Just last week we were able to drive around the neighborhood at night and check out all the Christmas lights. The video below is a bunch of random preparations we made for Christmas but included is a clip of some Power Wheels night driving. The lights are actually much brighter than the camera picks up, and are plenty good for the sidewalk.
Power Wheels start at 0:38
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By tafpowerwheel
nice build. I agree with the lights they're a must, even if you dont do any night driving they add to the cool factor. My son loves the lights he will spend 5 mins just turning them on and off and walking around P/w and looking at
I'm planning on my second Power Wheels car for my daughter. I would like something slightly different than the old F150 but I'm having troubles finding a Power Wheels that still uses real plastic headlight and taillight assemblies. Most of the new ones only have stickers.
It would be possible to simple install the light over the sticker but that would lose much of the effectiveness of the lights. That's just not the way I want to go, and besides you know how kids will compare their toy to the other kids toy.

So... what Power Wheels are out there that still have headlights assemblies?

I'm looking for something used, so that should provide some options.

Common to find 2 seaters at 12V
Wrangler Jeep, stash parts under the seat easy
Brute force quad
Peg gator
Arctic cat like gator
All those have good stash spots, and lenses.
So I came up with a non Power Wheels solution, it seemed everything in the local area was way overpriced so I might as well buy new.
Came up with this Dynacraft Carriage which is faster than the Power Wheels, so we had to do the 18 Volt modification. Used a diagram from this forum and everything worked very well.
Guess which is faster now. :)
Good deal, glad things worked out for you!
So those 2 look about the same age? I'm still bad at guessing.
So how are you liking the carriage? That thing looks pretty quick and maneuverable?
I've missed out on all the raptors I've seen, but that looks like it has an adjustable seat?
Just an FYI, if the Ford starts to cut out, that's probably due to the stock battery circuit breaker. Unfortunately not much you can do with it, due to design, but get another battery from the 6V supplier, and add a fuse. But do be aware that generally you are "best served" by using similar age and SAME AH ratings when eliminating the "boost button" and running a constant 18 volt, which the truck should have no trouble doing.
Happy trails, and keep filming the road rage ;-)

Just a bit of info, now that you are tired of charging


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